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Can I Carry CBD Plane?

When it comes to CBD products, one of the common questions arises is with respect to travel. Many might want to carry their CBD product with them wherever they go. This question mainly arises due to debilitating disorders that many have while traveling. On the other hand, traveling is a part of their active work life.

Many are using several forms of cannabidiol in the U.S. Regular users of CBD may not be able to start their day without using it. However, when it comes to cannabidiol users, there are two types. Some users may want to take it before getting into the plane. This is to manage the fear of flying. On the other hand, some other users want to use it and take it with them while flying.

According to studies, cannabidiol can reduce the level of anxiety. This is a common health problem that a person might experience when boarding the flight. The study also reports that cannabidiol soothes down the nervousness. Nervousness is a feeling that most of the individual experience while flying.

However, when it comes to flying with CBD cannabidiol, many questions may arise. Considering this, here we’re covering some of those questions and its answers.


Can I Fly with CBD?

This is one of the questions that every CBD user might have when it comes to flying. To answer this question, first, we want to make you aware of the Farm Bill 2018. Some may be aware of it, but those who are not aware, please have a look.

FARM BILL 2018: In 2018, President Trump signed a farm bill. According to this bill, hemp cultivation and production is legal in all 50 U.S. states. Moreover, after passing this bill, the farmers who want to cultivate hemp got several benefits. They got access to crop insurance, banking, etc. As a result of this, hemp derivatives, including cannabidiol, become legal.

Though this is the scenario, if you want to fly with CBD, then it should comply with the TSA CBD requirements. This is because you may get into trouble if your product doesn’t meet the TSA requirements.

Flying with pure hemp-extracted cannabidiol oil is legal federally. However, at the same time, it should comply with all the TSA rules. It means you can travel with CBD products if it meets all the TSA requirements. Moreover, your cannabidiol product should not contain THC strains. THC is the active psychoactive component in cannabis.

Now, after reading this, many of you may want to know what the TSA requirements are.


Here it goes.

TSA Rules and Regulations for CBD

The TSA or the Transportation Security Administration updated its cannabis policy. As per the new policy, passengers can carry certain forms of cannabidiol oil with them. Not only this, but the policy also approved to carry marijuana-based drugs on planes. However, the marijuana-based drugs should be FDA-approved.

According to the policy, you can take CBD oil with you if it complies with the Farm Bill 2018. As per the new rules of TSA, you can’t use cannabis-based products and CBD oils with THC strains. The update of TSA rules on cannabidiol is on basis of Epidiolex. This drug got approval by the FDA and contains cannabidiol. Epidiolex is to treat unique and severe types of pediatric epilepsy.

Here is the list of TSA requirements for carrying cannabidiol on a plane:

  • You can bring a plastic bag with liquid bottles, but the plastic bag should be quart-sized.
  • The bottle must contain only 100ml or 3.4 ounces of liquid.
  • Always put the bottles that you want to take it on a plane into a separate carry bag.
  • The percentage of THC in cannabidiol products should be less than 0.3%.
  • The product should be FDA-approved in line with the 2018 Farm Bill.

This is for the first time TSA made a separation between marijuana and hemp derivatives. Hemp-derived doesn’t contain THC strains. This is the reason why hemp products are safer when traveling on a plane.


Why Use CBD on a Plane?

It varies for every individual. Some people use it to manage the fear of normal nervousness that occurs while flying. Apart from this, there may be many reasons to use cannabidiol on the plane.

Though there may be several reasons, here we’re going to explain one of the common reasons.

Kindly have a look.


Fear of Travelling on a Plane

The fear of traveling on a flight is one of the common reasons for which people want to take CBD on flights. This includes nervousness or anxiety. Using cannabidiol may calm the fear and lessen the anxiety level. Moreover, this compound doesn’t make the user feel high as it lacks the substance, namely THC, which produces high.

In addition to these, the cannabidiol may also offer soothing effects to the users.

Final Words

To travel with CBD on a plane, you must make sure that your CBD product must comply with the TSA rules. Moreover, if you want to take it along with you, don’t forget to take the third-party lab-tested reports with you.

Now, we hope this blog can help you know everything about this compound when it comes to flying with it. However, if you require any more information regarding this, call us.


** The statements given in this are not from any medical expert. These are strictly based on our researches. The product is not for diagnosing, curing, treating, or preventing any health ailments. Before ingesting it, consulting a doctor would be an excellent decision. **

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