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Guidelines to Calculate the Accurate Dosage of CBD

Nowadays, many people are looking forward to buying CBD online for some health problems. However, when it comes to buying and using CBD, one of the main questions arise is – dosage. As a result, many might search for a “CBD dosage calculator” to find out an accurate dosage.

Considering this, here we are going to discuss CBD dosage and the factors that affect the dosage of CBD. Now, if you’re also one of them, then this article can be beneficial for you.

What is CBD?

CBD is one cannabinoid among many other cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. In fact, it is one phytocannabinoid along with THC. Nowadays, CBD is accessible in many forms making it a convenient option for the people.

Now, some of you may have the interest to know the forms of CBD.

Right? If yes, then here it is.

Know the Safe Dosage for You

CBD Products don’t have a precise dosage, which can be helpful for all in every health condition. The dosage of CBD is different for all individuals, as every individual is different. Thus, it is always safe to start with a low dose of CBD.

Now, let’s look out what is a high dose and low dose. This may give you more ideas on the CBD dosage.

What is a Low Dose?

Some studies are stating that low dosing of CBD may be useful for dealing with health conditions like inflammation, pain, sleep problems, etc. This is because, according to one German study in the year 2016, a low dosage of CBD can produce neuroprotection, anti-oxidative, and anti-inflammatory effects.

When it comes to low dosage, some brands are suggesting to consume around 10mg of CBD oil. Similarly, for capsules, the low dose is one capsule per day.

Note: This is only a suggestion. Thus, to find a precise dosage for your health problem, you have to try it on your own.

Important Factors Responsible for CBD Dosage Calculator

  1. Weight

Every person has a different weight. The weight of the person plays a vital role in the dosage of CBD. Usually, people with more weight requires a high dose of CBD to enjoy the effects. People with less weight requires a low dose of CBD to experience the same impact.

  1. Genetics

The amount of CBD you have to intake may differ with respect to your genetics. This is because some people have changes in their CNR1 gene. The CNR1 is the gene, which is liable for coding the CB1 receptors. These are the receptors, which interact with the cannabinoids.

It means, if you have any problem with the CNR1 gene, it can result in the poor functioning of your endocannabinoid system. This is how genetic has a role in the CBD dosage. For example, if you’re suffering from chronic stress due to your genetics, you have to consume a high dose of CBD oil as compared to other people.

  1. The concentration of CBD in your Product

Every CBD product doesn’t have the same concentration. It means the amount of CBD in every product differs. For example, some CBD capsules may contain 5mg of CBD, but at the same time, some may have 10mg of CBD. This condition applies to CBD oil and other CBD products as well. Thus, the concentration of CBD in the products can affect the CBD dosing level of a person.

  1. Health Condition

The CBD dosage varies for every disease. The severity of your health condition may affect the dose of CBD that you have to intake. Moreover, please consult with your doctor before having CBD if you’re undergoing any other medical course. It is because CBD might interact with certain traditional drugs, which may lead to adverse side effects.

How Long the Effect of CBD Stays in the Body?

It depends on the CBD product you choose and your health condition.

Shall I Overdose CBD?

According to some studies, you should not overdose on CBD. At the same time, one study report that humans may tolerate up to 1500mg of CBD. Moreover, some existing reports are showing CBD may prove to be a safe treatment option.

However, it’s always better to consume a low dose at the beginning and slowly increase if required. Next, let’s have a look into the side effects that CBD may offer.

What are the Side Effects of CBD?

As of now, there are minimal reports when it comes to the side effects of CBD. According to the reports, the possible side effects of CBD are:

  • Digestive problems (For example; decrease in appetite and diarrhea)
  • Fluctuations in mood (For instance; agitation and irritability)
  • Drug-to-drug interactions

What Researches are saying on CBD dosage Calculator?

When it comes to consuming drugs, an appropriate dosage is necessary. The accurate dosage is the one, which plays a vital role in managing the health condition. However, for CBD, no one can suggest a precise dosage. It varies for every people depending on their health condition, physique, etc.

As per a review, an individual reported a drastic improvement in psychosis after consuming 1,200 mg/day for a few weeks. Moreover, another study stated that some people with schizophrenia got benefits after using CBD. These sufferers took the dosages of 40 to 1,280mg per day for four (4) weeks.

Additionally, there was a study done to discover the effects of CBD in people with Psychosis and Parkinson’s disease. As per this study, six people have shown drastic improvement after consuming 150mg per day of CBD.

Importance of Having an Accurate CBD Dosage Calculator

Consuming too high or a low dose may not help you achieve your desired result with CBD. If you consume a very low dose, then you may not find any effects on your body. Similarly, if you consume a very high dose, then it may negatively affect your body.

This is the reason why it is always important to find out an accurate dosage for you.

Note: This condition might vary for some people. For example, some may feel relief even in low dosage, and some people may feel relief in high doses.

Final Verdict on CBD Dosage Calculator

As we mentioned above, the dosage of CBD depends on several factors. Thus, it is good to start with a very low dosage.

If you’ve any queries regarding this, feel free to call us.


** The statements given in this are not from any medical expert. These are strictly based on our researches. The product is not for diagnosing, curing, treating, or preventing any health ailments. Before ingesting it, consulting a doctor would be an excellent decision. **

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