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Important Questions to Ask Before Buying CBD Products

In today’s world, CBD products are easily accessible. Many companies are selling CBD online, as well as offline mode. Though this is the scenario, there are risks of getting fake products. On the other hand, getting natural hemp-derived CBD product is not a tough job.

Want to know how?

If yes, then read the entire blog. As the heading suggests, here, we’re including all the vital questions that you musk before buying CBD products. This can help you get the pure natural hemp-derived cannabidiol products quickly.

Source of CBD in the Product

You may know the fact that cannabidiol can come from two plant species- cannabis and hemp. Hemp CBD and marijuana CBD is somewhat different from each other. The main reason behind this is the presence of THC in the cannabis plant.

THC is very popular as a psychoactive element of cannabis. Moreover, this is the element, which is liable for the euphoric effects of cannabis.

On the other hand, in hemp plants, the concentration of THC is very less. In fact, hemp plants have a high amount of cannabidiol content. As a result, hemp plants and their derivatives are not psychoactive.

This is the reason why asking the source of CBD is very important before buying the CBD products. Marijuana-extracted CBD products may produce euphoric effects. However, hemp-extracted ones is completely non-psychoactive.

Thus, to avoid the intoxication effect, choose only pure industrial hemp-derived CBD products.

Extraction Method

The extraction method plays a vital role in the quality and safety of cannabidiol products. This is because there are several extraction methods to extract cannabidiol from the plant.

As of now, many extraction methods are there to enhance the quality of cannabidiol products. Among those, the three most common methods are solvent, olive oil, and CO2 extraction.

  1. CO2 Extraction Method: This is the most recommended and advanced method to extract cannabidiol. However, this method is a bit costly than other methods, as it needs costly equipment. In this process, the resulting product will be pure, potent, and quality than other methods.
  1. Olive Oil Extraction Method: This is one of the safest and longest methods to acquire CBD oil. The olive oil extraction method is inexpensive, as well as a simple process. Though this is a simple process, the resultant may not be potent like other CBD oils. This is because the evaporation of olive oils doesn’t takes place during the process. Moreover, the presence of olive oil makes the cannabidiol oil fresh. As a result, it requires a dark and cool place for storage.
  1. Solvent Extraction Method: This extraction method is very popular among many companies. It’s because this is the cheapest and quickest method. Moreover, the solvents used for this method are highly flammable. The solvents include propane, alcohol, butane, and ethanol. In addition to these solvents, the plant waxes are also included in the resulting product. This can lead to the presence of chlorophyll in the resulting product. The chlorophyll content in cannabidiol oil makes it taste bitter.

Please have a detailed look into it.

CBD isolate or full-spectrum

It would be good to check whether the chosen CBD product is full-spectrum or pure-isolate. To know why, you should know what pure isolate and full-spectrum are.

  1. Full-spectrum cannabidiol oil : In a full-spectrum CBD oil, all the substance present in the plants will be there. This includes terpenes, cannabinoids, and other essential nutrients. These substances might offer you CBD oil with several therapeutic benefits.
  1. CBD isolate: This is made by splitting and separating cannabidiol from other active components and cannabinoids. As a result, CBD isolate products contains 99% pure CBD and may offer you several benefits. However, as compared to full-spectrum, cannabidiol isolate has less benefits.

Usually, almost all individuals choose full-spectrum CBD products. This is because of its entourage effect. On the other hand, people who don’t want THC in their product can prefer CBD isolate. In addition to this, those who are very sensitive to other cannabinoids can prefer this form.


What is the Effective Way to Intake this Compound?

The answer to this question depends on the product you choose.
For example,

  • CBD oil: If you’re buying this product, then you have to consume it sublingually. This means you have to place the oil drops under your tongue, hold it there for a few seconds, and swallow it.
  • CBD capsules: Consuming cannabidiol capsules is similar to how you intake normal capsules. Put it in your mouth and gulp it with water.
  • CBD gummies: Consumption of these CBD gummies is the same as the normal gummies. Put the gummies in your mouth and chew it.

Similarly, the intake method varies for every product of this compound.

Is the product third-party lab-tested?

Whenever you go to buy any of the CBD products, you must ask the third-party lab-tested reports for the products. A genuine seller always sends the products for lab testing and will have the reports as well.

The main reasons behind the third-party lab testing are:

  1. Potency

With lab-testing, you can get to know the amount of cannabidiol content in the product. Not only this, but also can help you know about other cannabinoids present in the product.

  1. Chemicals

While cultivation, the farmers may use certain pesticides to confirm the growth of plants. Though these are advantageous, at the same time, it has some adverse effects as well. These pesticides can be dangerous to humans.

This is the reason why lab-testing is important. The testing can detect the exact solvents present in the product. Moreover, the testing can also identify the level of solvents.

  1. Contamination

During the cultivation and harvesting process, there is a possibility that certain contaminants can get into the products. Lab testing help to identify these contaminants. This, as a result, can help to filter and remove the contaminants from the products.

Removing the unwanted contaminants is necessary. This is because some contaminants can cause harm to human health.


To know more about why third-party lab-testing is vital for cannabidiol products. Along with all these things, one of the most important things that you’ve to do is – check the product label. Here is the reason why you have to do so.

Check Whether the Product Label is accurate and clear

Checking the product label is very important for every product, including CBD products. This is because every company may not be transparent about their ingredients.

For example, if the company falsely claimed that the product is free from THC content, it can lead to side effects. Not only this, but it can also lead to failing the drug test.

Thus, to avoid these, it is always better to buy cannabidiol products from the reputed sellers. These sellers always label their products accurately and clear. Moreover, reputed sellers always follow the regulations and guidelines to ensure product quality and safety.

Final Takeaway

When it comes to buying natural cannabidiol products, you should be very careful. This is because many fake products are available in the name of genuine products.

However, asking the above-listed questions can help you get 100% organic hemp-derived CBD products.

If you need any further clarification in this, reach us.


** The statements given in this are not from any medical expert. These are strictly based on our researches. The product is not for diagnosing, curing, treating, or preventing any health ailments. Before ingesting it, consulting a doctor would be an excellent decision. **

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