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Will I Get Arrested If I Take CBD?

“Will I get arrested If I take CBD” is a common query that almost all you may have when it comes to buying CBD. It is because many legal statements are evolving around CBD. Though, as per the Farm Bill 2018, CBD from the hemp extracts are legal in the U.S., this may vary under several state law.

Now, as this is a common question among many people, we took it as a topic. We made our utmost effort to cover almost all the aspects regarding this compound in this blog. As a result, we believe that this blog can solve all your queries on cannabidiol.

Is There Anyone Who Got Arrested for Carrying CBD oil?

An incident occurred at Disney World, which made all the CBD users concerned and confused. The incident was that a lady of 69 years, namely Hester Burkhalter, got arrested for carrying CBD oil. The cannabidiol oil was doctor-recommended one. Hester was charged with felony possession of hashish.

Usually, this charge is for those people who carry vape pens with a high concentration of THC.
Hester told the reporters that she is using peppermint flavored CBD oil for managing her arthritis pain. Not only this much, but she also told that the product was free from THC and had 1000mg CBD. Though she told this to the reporters, the product failed the test as it shows positive for THC content.

Due to this, Hester spent 12 hours in prison and charged a $2000 bond. The authorities are saying that the arrest was strictly under the law. Now, due to this incident, most of the cannabidiol users are quite confused regarding the legality of cannabidiol.

Thus, by considering this, we’re including the Farm Bill 2018 and FDA guidelines as our next two subheading. This can help you find out the legal stat of cannabidiol.

What Farm Bill 2018 Says About CBD?

Many of you may be aware of what the Farm Bill says when it comes to the usage of cannabidiol.

In general, the farm bill of the year 2018 had become a breakthrough for manufacturers and users of the cannabidiol products. This is because the bill removed hemp from the banned list. It means the hemp plants and their derivatives don’t come under the banned substances list.

The reason that made the Farm Bill took this decision is the presence of THC content in the hemp. The hemp plant has a very low concentration of THC content than marijuana. In fact, the hemp has only less than 0.3% of THC content. As a result, THC can’t make the user feel high.

We hope, now, you are clear with the Farm Bill 2018 on this compound. So, let’s look out the FDA Guidelines for CBD Cannabidiol.

FDA Guidelines on CBD

After the farm bill 2018, hemp and hemp derivatives, including cannabidiol, are legal. However, the U.S. FDA authorities state that they still have the authority to regulate cannabis and its derivatives.

On the other hand, the legality of hemp cannabidiol may vary for some states. It’s because some states still consider it as an illegal substance. This means the manufacturers, sellers, and distributors of hemp derivatives who want to market their products as a therapeutic option for diseases like Alzheimer’s, cancer, or arthritis need approval from the FDA.

Thus, even though the hemp-derived products are legal, they need FDA approval to use it as a medication. Now, a question may occur in your mind – is it legal to use cannabidiol products in my state.

Right? If yes, then go through the next topic.


Will I Fail In Drug Test If I Use CBD?

This is one of the common and most important questions to consider. Nowadays, drug tests are becoming essential in almost every field. These tests are mainly for detecting the THC strains in the body because THC produces psychotic effects.

If you also have to undergo a drug test, then it would be better to consume a 100% pure hemp CBD products with 0% THC content. These products will not come up in a drug test.

To buy the pure cannabidiol product, you must rely on a trustworthy seller. It’s because they always sent their product for lab testing. Moreover, with them, you can even ask for lab reports to ensure that the product has 0% THC.


Having good knowledge of FDA guidelines on CBD can help you avoid the legal consequences. Along with this, it would be best if you check your state law on cannabidiol. We hope this article can be helpful to you if you’re planning to buy any cannabidiol CBD products.

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** The statements given in this are not from any medical expert. These are strictly based on our researches. The product is not for diagnosing, curing, treating, or preventing any health ailments. Before ingesting it, consulting a doctor would be an excellent decision. **

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