CBD for Breast Cancer

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What is Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is a malignant tumor. It tends to be the most widespread cancer mainly in women. This health condition can affect almost every body part. Before we get to know about CBD for Breast cancer, you should know the symptoms and causes of the breast cancer.

1. Different Forms of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer also consists of different forms. Here we’re showcasing in the three sections- common, less common and uncommon.

  • Common forms of breast cancer are Ductal carcinoma in situ, Invasive lobular carcinoma and Invasive ductal carcinoma.
  • Less common forms are Medullary carcinoma, Mucinous carcinoma, Triple-negative breast cancer, Inflammatory breast cancer, and Adenoid cystic carcinoma.
  • Uncommon forms are the Papillary carcinoma, Tubular carcinoma, Angiosarcoma, and Phyllodes tumor.

2. Symptoms and Causes of Breast Cancer

There are many symptoms of breast cancer. Some main among them are:

  • Inverted nipple
  • A breast lump different from the adjacent tissue
  • Pain in the armpits

Now, the causes behind it.
There are many factors which can lead to breast cancer. These are:

    • Age
    • Gender
    • Genetic
    • Exposure to radiation
    • Excessive fat


3. Treatments For Breast Cancer

Chemotherapy, radiation, biological therapy, surgery, and hormone therapy are some treatment options for people having breast cancer. Apart from all this, we’re presenting one medication which may help the sufferers of this disease. Thinking what it is? It’s CBD (Cannabidiol).

4. Why CBD For Breast Cancer

  • CBD May Hinders Metastasis in Cells Causing Breast Cancer

Cancer-causing cells are powerful enough to reach the tissues, organs and lymph nodes. It can even spread to remote areas in the body and when this occurs, it’s known as metastasis.
Metastasis is the growth of secondary malignant tumors. It means if breast cancer reaches the liver, then it is metastatic cancer.

As per the researches, there is a gene named ID-1 gene which may have a linking with metastatic cancer. Now it’s CBD’s turn. A study shows that CBD may inhibit the ID-1 gene and may also help to stop the growth of harmful breast cancer cells. Researches state that “CBD may decrease the ID-1 gene effect in cancer-causing cells as it has intoxicating properties”.

  • CBD May Relieves the Side Effects of Chemotherapy

Along with managing the symptoms of breast cancer, CBD may also help in lessening the side effects of its treatment.
Sufferers of breast cancer after chemotherapy can experience certain side effects. This includes:

    1. Anxiety
    2. Depression
    3. Nausea
    4. Loss of appetite

In fact, as per the researches on CBD, experts say that it may be a boon for people experiencing side effects of chemotherapy.

  • CBD May Destroys the Cancer-Causing Cells

CBD has many medicinal properties among which anti-cancer property is one. This is the reason why it’s believed that CBD may help kill the cancerous cells. And moreover, there is one study which says that CBD may facilitate autophagy and apoptosis.

5. Final Conclusion About CBD For Breast Cancer

CBD may prove helpful in fighting with breast cancer as well as in providing relief from the side effects of its treatments. Thus, we’re concluding here as a hope that you understand everything about CBD for Breast Cancer written in this.