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CBD for Epilepsy

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Epilepsy tends to be a central nervous system disorder, which has an effect on the brain. It can result in the abnormal activity of the brain, such as strange behavior, loss of consciousness, and much more.

CBD has many medicinal benefits, but making use of CBD Oil for Epilepsy can be a good option? Don’t know! Read our views to get the appropriate answer.


Overview of Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a chronic disorder that causes a sudden seizure anytime, anywhere. A seizure is a sudden electrical feeling in the brain.

It can affect men as well as women of all age groups. Mostly it occurs to children below 2 years and adults above 65 years of age. Discover the symptoms and causes of this disease and earn the knowledge on CBD for Epilepsy to tackle pain.

Various types of Epilepsy people can suffer from

Some people require treatment to lifetime, but for some, it may just go away gradually. The types of this disorder depend on the abnormality of brain activity.

  • Focal Seizures: Normally, these begin in any particular portion of the brain. These are sometimes known as a partial seizure. It can effect physically and emotionally, as well. In this, you can see, hear, or feel things which don’t exist.
  • Generalized Seizures: This kind of epilepsy occurs when the nerve cells present on the brain go wrong. If you’re having this, then you will experience a blackout, muscle spasms or even you fall. Tonic seizures, Clonic seizures, Myoclonic seizures, Atonic seizures, and Absence Seizures are six types.

Epilepsy vs Seizure

Many people may have confusion about epilepsy and seizure. Let us know each of them separately.

A Seizure is the only symptom of epilepsy. Epilepsy is due to a few unexpected seizures. Some people who have experienced seizures of a single time may not definitely suffer from epilepsy.

There are different types of seizures people are experiencing. Different people experience different types of seizures. The condition for each seizure may also vary.

Know more about this disease.

Signs of Epilepsy

If you’re in search of symptoms for this disease, then remember that it may vary depending on the type of epilepsy you have. Because epilepsy is due to abnormal activity happening in the brain.

Here in these articles, we’re listing down some common symptoms for epilepsy.

  • Confused memory
  • Jerk in the legs and arms
  • Losing consciousness
  • Falls suddenly without any reason
  • Becomes stiff for no reason
  • Experiencing heat exhaustion
  • Diabetes
  • Feel confused and fails to communicate properly

The list goes on. Now the question comes, how epilepsy attacks the individual? Here is the answer.

Possible causes of Epilepsy

Epilepsy occurs when the messaging system of your brain becomes disrupt because of the defect in electrical activity. In some cases, the proper cause is unidentifiable. But for some individuals, epilepsy may occur due to genetic reasons.

If we keep aside all these, there are few other things which can also cause epilepsy. They are:

  • Any kind of damage or injury which is parental.
  • Developmental disorders such as autism or disorders relating to it
  • Strain in Head
  • Infectious diseases
  • Vascular disease
  • Lack of oxygen in the brain
  • Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease
  • Serious illness or high fever
  • Infectious disease such as AIDS


When a patient is suffering from epilepsy, the experience of seizure will depend on which brain part is getting affected and how quickly it is spreading to other parts of the body.

Few risk factors of this disease

After knowing about the symptoms and causes, let us talk about few risk factor:

Age: Epilepsy can generally occur in children and adult people, but it can happen at any age.

Family history: If any of your family members were suffering from this disease, then you have a chance of causing is also high.

Head injuries: Head injuries can be one of the reasons to cause this disease.

Brain infection: Infection like meningitis, which can cause inflammation in either your brain or spinal cord.

Seizure in childhood: High fever can also sometimes cause a seizure. The epilepsy chances increase if a child is having a seizure for a very long time.

Therapeutic options available for treating this Epilepsy

Presently there is no cure available for treating this disorder. After diagnosing the problem, the doctor will prescribe the drugs to prevent seizures or some anti-epileptic drug.

If the drug is not showing any effect, then the next option could be surgery and a proper healthy diet. Surgery can prevent from getting the condition worse.



Anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs)

According to the type of seizure you are suffering from the doctor will prescribe you the medicine.

Some of the common drugs to treat this ailment are:

  • Sodium valproate
  • Carbamazepine
  • Lamotrigine
  • Levetiracetam

Not all drugs are suitable for all types of patients.

Types of epileptic seizures

To know what type of epilepsy the patient is suffering from, the doctor will diagnose with three types:

Idiopathic: There is no particular reason.

Cryptogenic: There are so many probable causes, but pinpointing one is difficult.

Symptomatic: The doctor will find out the exact cause.

A Healthy diet for people suffering from Epilepsy

Dietary habits may play an important role in controlling the symptoms from getting worse. As per various studies, a diet that may be helpful in controlling the seizure is namely the Ketogenic diet.

The important feature of this diet is that it will eliminate the sugar and all sweets and add on several nutrients. It may take several weeks to show its effect on this disease.

  • Eliminate simple sugar: You need to cut down completely on the high concentration of simple sugar. This type of carbs has a high content of the glycemic index, which means that our body can easily absorb it.
  • Eat a whole, natural food diet: Including a whole natural food in your healthy diet. Eating high nutrient food with the least artificial ingredients is good for your health.

Natural supplement for Epilepsy

For epilepsy, doctors usually prescribe medication, which is anti-epileptic, or which can prevent seizures. But many people may have a fear of whether these medicines will cause any sort of side effects or not.

If you’re also one among them who have a fear of this, then you must search for natural remedies. So, for your consideration, CBD for Epilepsy is one of the natural remedies. This may help you treat your epilepsy without any severe side effects.

Let us move onto knowing more about this natural supplement.

Where CBD do comes from and how it works with the body?

Medical marijuana is the other name of medical cannabis. The chemical present in the marijuana or cannabis sativa plant is helpful for medical purposes. The plant has other cannabinoids that act on the cells present in the body.

The two main cannabinoids of the plant are cannabidiol CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol THC. CBD and THC have a different chemical structure which that acts differently with the receptors present in the body.

As per many studies, the endocannabinoid system helps in regulating many functions happening in the body like mood, immune response, inflammation, and chronic pain. This system contains receptors throughout the body.

CBD indirectly interacts with these receptors, namely, CB1 and CB2. It may help in moderating the signal that is sent to the brain, which will, in turn, minimize the unnecessary pain or inflammation. The usage of CBD is commonly in the form of oil.



Why CBD oil for Epilepsy?

Most of the people ask a question about can CBD cure epilepsy. The straight forward answer is No, it does not.

In this article, we just say that it can just help to manage the symptoms. Let us know more about this.

  • People of all age groups, from children to senior people, can consume this.
  • It may provide better and adequate sleep, which you are in need of.
  • It may have some impact on the glial cells, which help in providing support to the neurons of the brain.
  • With its medicinal properties, it may lessen the seizures.
  • This remedy may help you to make your social interaction better.
  • CBD may stimulate serotonin pathways that are available in the brain, which may help to calm anxiety, depression, and symptoms.

As per the research, while comparing with THC, it won’t produce any euphoric effect.

What do researchers say about the use of CBD in epilepsy?

The researchers came to a conclusion through clinical trials. These studies happened on a group of people who consume placebo while others took CBD at a different dosage. This study was called a gold standard.

In a group of people suffering from this disease, 689 people were treated with cannabidiol, where 533 people treated for 6 months and 391 treated for more than 1 year. 161 people were treated with a dravet syndrome, and LGS was treated with epidolex. The side effect on cannabidiol taking person was mild than people who were taking other drugs.

The result was positive for people who consumed cannabidiol in comparison with people taking other alternative pharmaceuticals.

Intake methods for this supplement

The amazing fact about Cannabidiol is that there are no definite ways to use this method. The patients are free to pick their own best intake choice as per the convenience.

Cannabidiol oil is available in various other forms such as:

What is the correct dosage for this natural supplement?

Note: The content present in the site is only for informational purposes. There is no motive to provide any medical advice.

As this is a new medication, there is no reliable source for the standard dosage amount. But it is possible to find your cannabidiol product/ CBD dosage for epilepsy via hit and trial method. Start with little amount and then slowly raise your dose.

However, before beginning your dosage, talk to your doctor and know about the good and bad effects of using this medication.

Some of the possible side effects

The majority of people don’t experience any severe effects, but there are few possible mild side effects:

CBD product can interact with other prescribed medication, but it is always better to consult your medical practitioner.

Conclusion About CBD and Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a common neurological disorder that is affecting around 65 million people in the world.

There is no standard cure for treating this disorder, but there are so many complimentary medications and dietary habits, which may help in managing the symptoms. But the chances of getting side effects.

According to the researches, CBD, a natural supplement for Epilepsy may be valuable in treating this health condition. You can go for what you need. Think well and go for the best.

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**The statements given in this are not from any medical expert. These are strictly based on our researches. The product is not for diagnosing, curing, treating, or preventing any health ailments. Before ingesting it, consulting a doctor would be an excellent decision. **

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