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CBD Oil and Lupus

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Lupus is an autoimmune disease. It arises when the immune system of your body becomes hyperactive. Moreover, this in turn, attacks the healthy organs and tissues of your body.

Lupus causes inflammation which can affect your body parts such as kidneys, joints, lungs, skin, brain, blood cells and, heart.

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As lupus is a dangerous disorder, it becomes important to know about the medications available for this disorder. Out of all the medications, CBD for lupus is right now buzzing in the therapeutic world. Thinking Why CBD Oil for Lupus?

Read further and know everything CBD for Lupus.

Lupus affects the immune system, by killing both the antigens and healthy tissue. This, in turn, led to chronic pain, damage of tissue, and swelling.

It is not a contagious disease, as it is not possible to transmit it sexually or in any other form.

Different Types of Lupus

There are five major types of this disorder. Let us know more about each type in detail. To identify which category of lupus disease you are suffering from, it is important to do some specific test.

1. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: This tends to be the most common form of this disorder, which has an impact on the entire body. It can lead to inflammation in the lungs, kidneys, heart, and much more.

2. Subacute Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus: It’s the skin lesions on the body parts which are bare to the sun.

3. Neonatal Lupus: This is the condition that occurs mainly to infants. And infants with this condition may have liver problems, low blood counts, and rashes in the skin.

4. Discoid Lupus Erythematosus: This may have an effect only on the skin. In this, rashes appear on the scalp, face, and neck.

5. Drug-induced Lupus: This occurs when you consume certain medications. It stops when you stop consuming those medicines.

Lupus Symptoms and Signs

The signs and symptoms of causing this disease can vary from person to person. In the case of this ailments, symptoms may arise all of a sudden or gradually develops. No two cases of lupus can be exactly the same.

The most common Lupus symptoms of this disorder are:

  • Headaches
  • Chest pain
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of memory
  • Inflammation
  • Fever
  • Joint pain
  • Feeling confused
  • Skin lesions which become worse with the exposure to the sun.

 Causes of Lupus Skin Disease

As we wrote in the first sentence itself that lupus arises when your immune system becomes restless.

Still, in most cases, the cause of lupus is unknown. But there are some possible things which can result in this disorder.

Few of them are as follows:

  • Medicines: Several pain medications such as antibiotics, blood pressure medicines, and anti-seizure medicines may result in lupus.
  • Sunlight: This health disorder may also cause with the exposure to sunlight.
  • Age: It can affect the folks of all the age groups, but it mostly appears in the people of the age group 15 to 45.
  • Gender: Lupus is commonly found in women as compared to men.




Lupus Diagnosis

Lupus may cause due to a various number of factors. It might be because of hormonal, genetic, environment or sometimes a combination of all.

1. Hormones: Hormones are chemical substances that are present in the body. They are for controlling and regulating the activity of certain cells or organs.

  • Sex: Females are generally more prone to this disease than males are.
  • Age: The signs and symptoms of lupus generally occur between the ages of 15 to 45 years.

2. Genetic Factor

The genetic factor can also be one of the main problems to cause this disorder. The various risk factors that include.

  • Race: People of any background can develop this disorder. It can affect the dark color people easily in comparison with the white color people.
  • Family background: If any of the family members were suffering from this disorder, then the current generation has a higher risk of developing this disorder.

3. Environment: The environmental condition can also be the factor to trigger the symptoms of this ailment.

  • Smoking: Smoking can also be the main reason to activate the signs of this problem.
  • Exposure to sunlight: The people who have too much exposure to sunlight has a high chance of affecting lupus rash.

Effects on other body systems

Lupus is capable of affecting the different body systems like:

Kidney: It can cause inflammation in your kidney that will affect the capability of removing the waste products and other toxins.

Lungs: It may develop pleuritis, an inflammation in the chest cavity, and difficulty in breathing. It may cause pneumonia.

Central nervous system: This disorder can affect your brain. The symptoms involve headaches, depression, and memory disturbance.

Blood Vessels: This health problem can affect the circulation of blood in our body. It can cause inflammation in our blood vessels.

Heart: It can affect the membrane that surrounds the heart, causing pericarditis. It may damage the valves of the heart, and thicken the valves.

Other types of complication

Lupus does not stop with inflammation; instead, it involves various other complications. Developing this disorder can also increase the risk of:

Infection: The people suffering from these ailments are more prone to infection because of the weak immune system.

Cancer: Suffering from this disorder can increase the risk of causing cancer.

Bone tissue death: This problem happen when the supply of blood reduces, which often leads to cracks in the bone.

Pregnancy complication: Women suffering from this disorder will have a high risk of miscarriage. Lupus can increase the risk of high blood pressure during pregnancy.

Lupus Treatment and home therapies

Apart from medication, there are certain things that are helpful in pain relief or reducing the risk.

  • Involve in relaxation or meditation activities
  • Include yoga and tai chi in the daily routine
  • Avoid the exposure of sun
  • Avoid stress as much as possible.
  • Take care of your joint and organ
  • Manage the blood pressure
  • Try controlling your cholesterol



The Relation between CBD Oil and Lupus

Lupus has no cure. Treatment can only deal with its symptoms. However, when it comes to the treatment part, doctors suggest only depending on what symptoms you have. This is because every individual with this disorder may not have the same symptoms.

Nowadays, you can reach out to many medicines easily. But if you don’t want these prescribed medicines, then the situation is different.

In those situations, opting for the natural way may give you satisfaction. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one such which may make you happy. But

 Is CBD good for lupus? Before knowing why CBD for Lupus, let us know what CBD is and how it interacts with our system.

CBD is a chemical compound available in the cannabis plant. This cannabis plant has two important players, namely: CBD and THC. CBD is from a non-psychoactive portion of the plant that means it won’t give any side effects like euphoria.

This natural compound acts interact directly upon the receptors that are existing in the endocannabinoid system which is responsible for regulating and controlling our body function. This system help in fixing the cell, rebuilding the energy level, and restoration of health.

The two receptors are namely CB1 and CB2 receptors. Both these receptors are present throughout the body.

CB1 receptor mostly present in the brain, and coordination with the pain relief, emotion, appetite and, other function.

The CB2 receptor is most commonly present in the immune system. It directly helps in managing inflammation, anxiety, and depression.

According to the Lupus Foundation of America, around 1.5 million people are suffering from the United States. Only 781 lupus patient have participated in the CBD oil survey. 51% of sufferers didn’t use this drug. 36% of them used in some capacity. And 12% of them used this medication but stopped them.

What is the best way to take CBD for Lupus?

The best way depends directly on what your goal is why you want to take CBD. It is a naturally occurring compound which is an ingredient for various products.

The CBD products available in the market are:

Out of all CBD products, the preferable one is CBD oil. People claim that oil can be helpful for treating a wide-range of conditions. The choice may vary from person to person. Some people don’t want to ingest anything, so therefore they prefer CBD topical. People choose the intake method according to convenience.

CBD Dosage for Lupus

Note: This dosing level that we are mentioning in this article, depends entirely on the customer’s option and their experience.

This is a confusing question for many people as there is currently no standard dosage available. It is always preferable to begin from the low dosage and then gradually increase your dosage as a result.

The amount of CBD present may vary from product to product. The correct CBD Oil Dosage for Lupus depends on many factors like the body type, the bearing strength of the pain, the tolerance level.

Kindly Consult your doctor or medical practitioner and know his or her opinion, before opting for this natural therapy. Consider the pros and cons wisely and converse it with your doctor. It is also important to do self-research and enhance knowledge about the medication. It is always better to look for a product from a reliable source.

CBD Treatment for Lupus

There is no uncertainty that Cannabidiol is the buzzy wellness product in the medication world. However, in this case, Cannabidiol is not meant for curing lupus, but it may manage the symptoms.

  • It may help to reduce the inflammation which can result in lupus.
  • It may be an effective way for the patients to manage and reduce the pain with its pain-relieving properties.
  • This alternative option may be safer than other medicines.
  • This herbal remedy may also reduce the depression as well as anxiety level in lupus sufferers.

This effective therapy is likely to get attention from the researchers of lupus, for several ins and outs. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence which suggests that Cannabidiol may prove to be an effective option for reducing pain and inflammation.

Conclusion About CBD for Lupus

Lupus tends to be an autoimmune disease that can cause harm to different parts of the body. This includes joints, skin, kidney, heart, brain cells, etc.

So, if you or any of your close ones are suffering from this, then appropriate treatment is essential.

Though there are some prescribed medication and home remedies available, to treat this disorder. But if you want you can choose Cannabidiol to treat Lupus Skin disorder as it may be a viable choice for you.

If you are preparing to select this natural medication then Goto leaf would be the best option. Goto leaf has got the best reviews from their customers. Their products are completely hemp-derived, no THC, no GMO, 100% natural.

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**The statements given in this are not from any medical expert. These are strictly based on our researches. The product is not for diagnosing, curing, treating, or preventing any health ailments. Before ingesting it, consulting a doctor would be an excellent decision. **

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