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CBD for Migraines

What is Migraine? – Migraine is recurring, severe throbbing painful headaches. This disorder includes sensory warning and other symptoms. Migraine can go beyond typical stress or an allergic headache.

People can feel the warning symptoms before the disorder starts. The extreme pain to cause migraines can have effects for hours or even days. The pain will be so severe that it can affect your daily activities.


Proper medication with natural therapy and self-remedies might help you to manage the symptoms much better. When it comes to choosing natural therapy, you can opt CBD Oil for migraines.

Thinking why.

Read further and get a clear idea.

Different Types of Migraines

1. Migraine with aura: Patients suffering from migraine aura tend to see the things which actually are not there.

2. Migraine without aura: This category of migraine will not produce any symptoms. Migraine occurring without disturbing the sensory may lead to an attack.

3. Abdominal migraine: This migraine ache in your belly. Moreover, as a result, you may suffer from cramps, nausea, and repeatedly vomiting.

4. Hemiplegic migraine: In this, patients experience a temporary weakness mainly on one side of the body. Familial and sporadic are the two types of hemiplegic migraine.

5. Chronic migraine: This form of migraines lasts for a minimum of 15 days in a month.

6. Migraine with brainstem aura: In this type of migraine, people face symptoms like sensory, visual, language or speech.

7. Menstrual migraine: Normally, it occurs before 2 days and the first 3 days of your menses.

Signs and Symptoms of Migraines

Migraine symptoms can appear prior to, during or after a headache. Although each and every migraine differs from each other. Not everyone who is suffering from symptoms will goes via all stages.

Here are some of them.

  • Pain occurs generally on one side of the head, which can be moderate to mild.
  • Severe or pulsating pain
  • During physical activity the pain increases
  • Trouble in performing daily activities
  • Sick and vomiting
  • High sensitivity to light and sound.
  • And much more.

What is the reason behind migraines?

Causes of migraine cannot be full because of genes, and an environment. A slight modification in the brain stream and its interaction with the trigeminal nerve can trigger the pain. Imbalance in the brain chemicals can be the other reason to cause pain in the nervous system.

There are various ways that can trigger your migraines. Few of the things are given below:

Hormonal changes: Variation in estrogen, during or after menstruation periods, pregnancy, menopause.

Drinks: The drink which can easily trigger migraine are alcohol, wine, caffeine, coffee.

Stress: The stress can also be the main reason to trigger this disorder.

Sensory stimulation: Bright light, the glare of the sun, the strong smell can also trigger your brain.

Sleep pattern: Changes in the sleep pattern, missing sleep, too much of sleep can also be the reason.

Physical factors: Doing intense physical activity including, sexual activity can be the reason to provoke this disorder.

Foods: Old cheeses, salty item, and oily meals can trigger this disorder.

Possible Factors that can affect

There are various factors that can cause this disorder. Few are here.

  • Family history: If any of your family members are suffering from migraines, then the possibility of affecting you is also high.
  • Age: This disorder can happen to anybody at any age generally the first one occurs during adolescence. It gets at peak during the 30’s and then slowly gets severe.
  • Sex: The migraine can affect women easily than men. Women are normally three times more prone to this disorder.
  • Hormonal Changes: Generally who have this disorder, the headache might start just the menstruation. The condition might alter during pregnancy. And after the delivery, the condition might get worse.

Natural tactics to control Migraine

There is no migraine cure at present. A Natural remedy is just for preventing the strong attack and reduce the symptoms. Modification in the lifestyle can help in reducing the frequency of migraines. Few changes in the lifestyle that is necessary are below.

  • Getting an adequate amount of sleep: To avoid any kind of severe headache it is important to get an adequate amount of proper sleep.
  • Reduce stress: It is necessary to balance your work life and avoid stress. Stress at office and home can cause migraine.
  • Intake a sufficient amount of water: Always remember to take a sufficient amount of water to stay away from dehydration.
  • Avoid the intake of a certain food: Avoid oily, spicy, possessed food to prevent migraine.
  • Require regular physical exercise: Do regular exercise and yoga to prevent such disorder, but this does not mean to do an intense workout.

What are the foods you need to avoid?

You need to cut down food that can trigger the migraine. Limiting that food and strictly eliminating it from the diet may help you reduce the risk of the migraine triggers. There are other food or additives that you should be careful about.

Few of them are here:

  • Eggs
  • Tomato
  • Onion
  • Dairy products
  • Wheat items
  • Citrus fruits
  • Red wine
  • Nuts
  • Chocolate

Treatment for Migraines

As of now, this disorder doesn’t have any cure. You can undergo many forms of medications for this. However, remember that medications can only manage their symptoms. But these medications may have certain drawbacks.

Moreover, most people prefer to use natural therapy to get migraine relief.

If you are also looking for such natural migraine medication?

Then, you are in the right place!!

There is therapy namely CBD, which is in the limelight for a reason. Let us read the article completely and know what is CBD and how does it work.

What is the deal about CBD?

CBD is one of the crucial compounds present in the cannabis plant. It is one of the 120 compounds of the plant. Many plants have cannabinoids, unlike other cannabinoids like tetrahydrocannabidiol will not give a euphoric effect.

The extraction of CBD is from the non-psychoactive portion of the plant, which will eventually not make you feel high.

Our human body has an endocannabinoid system that is capable of receiving and transmitting the signals from the cannabinoids. The body can produce some cannabinoids by its own that is namely endocannabinoid. This system is mainly to help in regulating functions like sleep, immune system, response, and pain.

Such cannabinoids have two important receptors namely CB1 and CB2. CB1 is available in the whole body, but mainly in the brain and deal with pain, emotion, and etc. CB2 is widely present in the immune system and can affect inflammation.

Whereas when the THC enters the body, that will produce a high feeling by having the effect on the endocannabinoid receptors. This will activate the brain system by creating pleasure with a chemical such as dopamine.

The ways to use CBD for Migraine

The finest way for your rests on the way you prefer to choose. You can use the CBD in various ways.

Out of all the methods of intake, most of the people prefer using CBD oil. Because it works quickly and fast.

Legality of CBD

In some states, the medical use of cannabis products is legal. But there a certain limitation in the usage. The product, the extraction process, and the usage condition will vary from area to area.

As per the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in June 2018, CBD products that do not contain THC is legal. However, even after the medicinal cannabis is legal, you need to apply for the marijuana card via a doctor.

In a few states, all forms of cannabis products are illegal. As per them, cannabis is dangerous and illegal.

Will it get you high?

Cannabis has two main compounds present in it namely CBD and THC respectively. Both THC and CBD have one main difference. CBD does not have psychoactive properties. Whereas THC is a component that will make the user feel high and give a psychic effect.

Even if you choose a combinational product, the CBD will neutralize the effects of THC. This is the main reason it is always better to choose CBD over THC.

Overview of CBD and Migraines

Today, most of us would prefer to use natural remedies in comparison with the prescribed medication or the counter drug that is to lessen the pain and have harmful side effects.

If you are also looking for a natural treatment then CBD would be a perfect choice.
Read below and know more.

Treatment and natural methods for pain relief in a different way for different people and there is no exception in CBD oil.

  • CBD will work by interacting with your cells that are present in both the brain and the nervous system.
  • It might control the inflammation happening within the body
  • It may reduce the pain and also other immune-system responses.
  • It may help in maintaining the high level of anandamides in the bloodstream as it may lessen the pain feeling.

As per various researches, CBD is one of the many tools that migraine sufferers can use to reduce their pain and side effects.

What do researches say about CBD for Migraine?

The author of a study from 2012 suggests that CBD oil can help you to get relief from some types of pain. But the study does not relate explicitly to the headaches or migraines.

Authors of the 2009 survey, proof found to come to a conclusion that cannabis compounds may help in treating chronic pain in people who are using opioids for a very long time and want to cut the usage.

As per the Australian study in July 2018, there is no link between the use of cannabis and pain reduction. A study happened by the Migraine Centers of America has several studies about the promising effects of CBD on migraine.

Research that happened in2015 by care design found that 100% of those suffering from migraine got relief from CBD.

In 2016, an article published in the pharmacotherapy, the frequency of migraine has got reduced from 10 people from month due to the use of cannabidiol.

In 2017, a review has published a history of successful cannabidiol treatment in the reduction of frequency and pain caused due to the migraine. Therefore, the result of the usage of cannabis depends on the individual. The researchers focused on the whole cannabis itself, rather than one particular cannabinoid.

CBD Dosage for Migraine

Note: The dosing level can vary from person to person. Whatever dosing is here in the article is as per the customer’s review.

This is a tricky question. There is no standard dosage as per the FDA. But for a beginner, it is always better to choose from the low dosage. The dosing level will depend on various factors like body type, tolerance level, and bearing capacity.

The content of the CBD in each product may vary. To decide the right CBD dosage, you must consult your doctor or medical practitioner and know their opinion. Anyone who wants to use CBD must discuss it with his or her doctor.

If you are deciding to try CBD, treat like any other medication. It might take some time to work and then adjust your dosage accordingly.

Conculusion About CBD for Migraine

Migraines are severe, throbbing painful headaches. It is an extraordinary neurological disease that can affect adolescent children.

If you are experiencing the symptoms of this disorder, then you must schedule an appointment with your doctor. Keep track of food and afterward effects, this may help you and your doctor to isolate the migraine trigger.

Already there are medication and home remedies for migraine available to manage the symptoms of this disorder. But if you want any natural remedial then you can opt for CBD.

You can find this CBD product from the Goto leaf site. They have products that are 100% natural, hemp-derived, no THC, non-GMO.

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**The statements given in this are not from any medical expert. These are strictly based on our researches. The product is not for diagnosing, curing, treating, or preventing any health ailments. Before ingesting it, consulting a doctor would be an excellent decision. **

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