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CBD for Parkinson’s

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Nowadays, a natural compound “CBD” is becoming very prevalent in managing several mild as well as severe health diseases. Among those diseases, Parkinson’s disease also comes, but is it perfect to use CBD for Parkinson’s.

Please read the article and find out all the essential things about the disease, how to cure it, and the role of CBD Oil and Parkinson’s.

cbd oil and parkinson's

What is Parkinson’s disease?

Parkinson’s disease tends to be a movement disorder, which can cause harm to the nervous system. In this disease, symptoms can get worse as it develops.

This is a progressive disorder, in which the symptoms start slowly. Sometimes, it begins with a barely visible tremor in only one hand.

Stages of Parkinson’s disease

Stage 1: In the beginning, it will be in a mild form. Moreover, you don’t notice any symptoms at this stage.

Stage 2: In this stage, you may notice certain symptoms. The symptoms include trembling, muscle stiffness, changes in facial expressions, and tremors.

Stage 3: This is the middle stage when your symptoms become more noticeable. In this stage, problems tend to be more significant, which can slow down the activities.

Stage 4: In this stage, you will struggle to stand devoid of a walker or any supporting device.

Stage 5: This is the advanced stage in which you may even require a wheelchair for your movement. Not only this much, but you may also have delusions, confusion, and hallucinations.

Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms

This disease has certain early symptoms with which you can quickly identify if you or any of your dear ones are suffering from this health condition.

Here are its early symptoms:

  • Handwriting can become smaller and more cramped
  • Speak more gently than earlier
  • Change in posture
  • Change in the facial expression
  • Losing sense of smell
  • Constipation

The four main symptoms of PD are:

  • Slow movements
  • Tremor
  • Balance problem and having a tendency to fall
  • Stiffness of legs, trunk, and arms

Along with all these, there are certain secondary symptoms as well. It includes:

  • Muffed and low volume speech
  • Decreased swinging of arm when walking
  • Blank facial expression
  • Chance of falling backward
  • Tendency of getting stuck while walking
  • Reduced swallowing and blinking

Apart from all this, some other severe symptoms of this disease are:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Yellow or flaky white scales on oily areas of skin (seborrheic dermatitis)
  • Trouble with visual-spatial relations
  • Psychosis
  • High possibility of having melanoma (a severe form of skin disorder)
  • Hallucinations
  • Disturbances in sleep (For example; vivid dreams, moving, and talking during sleep)
  • Memory problems

Root Cause behind This disease

The origin behind this health condition is something, which is still not able to identify. However, as per the researchers, certain environmental, as well as genetic factors, can cause this progressive disease.

According to scientists, there are a few risk factors, which can cause Parkinson’s.

They are:

  • Toxins: The risk of having this disease will be high if you’re disclosure to some toxins.
  • Gender: As compared to women, men are more likely to suffer from this long-term disease.
  • Age: People between 50-60 years of age are more likely to face this.
  • Head Injury: It indicates that this disorder mainly occurs to people who have experienced any injuries in the head.
  • Parental: It means if you have any family member who has PD, then the risk of having this condition is high in you.

More researchers are going on for this.

How to Cure This Disease

Parkinson’s treatment is a combination of medication, lifestyle, and therapies. However, the most crucial thing is that treatments cannot offer a cure to this condition. It will only support you to control the symptoms.

A range of medicines is available for this. However, when it comes to the intake part, many of you may feel whether it’s safe to consume or not.

This is the moment when herbal medicines come into the scene. Moreover, if you search for such medicines, you will be able to find out many, among which CBD (Cannabidiol) is also one. However, here we’re going to discuss almost all the curative options that can help handle this disorder

So, let’s start.

Common Medications for this Disease

Dopamine Agonists

This medicine can emulate the act of dopamine in your brain. It’s less effective as compared to levodopa (another medicine for Parkinson), but it can be beneficial as bridge medicine when the effect of levodopa is less.

In this class, there are several other drugs, which include pramipexole, ropinirole, and bromocriptine.

Amantadine (Symmetrel)

This is a glutamate blocking drug (NMDA), which provides short-term relief for dyskinesia (involuntary movements). Dyskinesia can be a side effect associated with levodopa.


This is the most popular medication for this progressive disorder. It aids to replace dopamine. All the symptoms will not improve, but around 75% of the cases respond to this medicine.

Usually, it’s given with carbidopa, because carbidopa delays the levodopa’s breakdown. This, in turn, upsurges the availability of levodopa at the barrier of blood-brain.


These are for blocking the parasympathetic nervous system. Trihexyphenidyl and Benztropine are the anticholinergics used to cure Parkinson’s.


Now let’s move to natural options, which include diets as well as herbal medications.

Foods to Manage the Parkinson’s Symptoms

  • Omega-3s: If you’ve worries regarding the Parkinson’s secondary symptoms, then eat foods that have omega-3 fatty acids. It includes salmon, oysters, flax seeds, oysters, halibut, kidney beans, and soybeans.
  • Fava Beans: Fava beans can be useful as it contains levodopa, which is used to cure this disease.
  • Antioxidants: If you want antioxidants, then consider eating tree nuts such as walnuts, pecans, pistachios, and Brazil nuts. Not only this, but also include blackberries, cranberries, blueberries, goji berries, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, kale, and spinach.

Foods to Prevent This Disease

Dairy Products

If you want to prevent this disorder, then you should avoid dairy products. These products can increase the possibility of developing this severe ailment.

There is something in these products, which may negatively affect the level of oxidation in your brain. This, in turn, make the symptoms more tenacious. This affects more in men as compared to women.

However, if you’re going to avoid dairy products like cheese, yogurt, and milk, then you may require a calcium supplement to balance the calcium loss in your diet.

Herbal medications to manage this Disease

Bacopa Monnieri

This is an herb, which is one of the popular and widely studied herb in the western world. It’s useful for cognitive-enhancing purposes, which includes memory and mood.

Moreover, as per the research, it can decrease the death of neurological cells in the dopamine system. People with PD lacks dopamine because the brain cells, which make it, gets damaged. This herb can stop that damage.

Cocoa Flavanols

These are the extracts of cocoa, which contains antioxidant compounds. For Parkinson’s sufferers, cocoa has the efficacy to improve dopamine.

Mucuna Pruriens

Since ancient times, this tropical plant is in use as traditional medicine. Several studies show that this plant can treat Parkinson’s disease.

It also improves mood via releasing additional dopamine.

Fish Oil

Fish oil has anti-depressant effects, which is beneficial for managing depression, one common symptom of this disorder.

Moreover, this oil also contains omega-3 fatty acids, which can be useful for managing some secondary symptoms of Parkinson’s.

Apart from this, nowadays, another natural compound coming from a plant is in demand. Research claims that it has many medical benefits that can help people in dealing with certain ailments. This includes Parkinson’s as well.

The natural compound is none other than Cannabidiol (CBD). When it comes to CBD compound, certain myths and fallacies strike in the mind of many people. Considering this, we’re mentioning the myths and fallacies regarding CBD Oil and Parkinson’s.

Myths and Fallacies

  • Sedative Properties: Many folks may think it as a sedative component, but the fact is it helps manage the problem without affecting one’s sleep negatively.
  • Legality: This compound has many legal issues, but the legal issues are applicable only if it’s from marijuana derivatives. It’s because it contains a high concentration of THC. However, consider buying hemp-derived ones, but still before purchasing it check what your state laws are saying about it.
  • Feeling of High: Often, there is a confusion between THC and CBD, as both come from the same cannabis plant. CBD and THC both have many healing properties. However, for people who don’t want to get high from THC, CBD can be a desirable option.

Promising Benefits of CBD for Parkinson’s

Some studies are demonstrating CBD’s medicinal benefits for people with this health ailment. It plays a significant role with the endocannabinoid system in the body. This compound responds within the cannabinoid receptors to offer medical effects against Parkinson’s symptoms.

As the researches are continuing for this, certain researches are signifying that this component can offer relief from tremor, psychosis, and sleep problems. Not only this much, but it may also reduce symptoms like chronic pain, anxiety, and depression.

According to researchers in Brazil, CBD for Parkinson’s can improve the quality of life of Parkinson’s patients. Moreover, it may be a safe and effective option.

To make you more clear on this, let’s discuss one of its products and how it can manage this disease.

Side Effects of CBD for Parkinson’s Disease

Studies suggest that this can be well-tolerated by the users and can be a safe option. On the other hand, some studies are stating that CBD can produce some side effects. This includes the change in appetite, tiredness, and diarrhea.

Moreover, it may also produce side effects if it interacts with some pharmaceutical medicines.

How to Consume CBD for Parkinson’s Disorder

Varieties of options are there to consume CBD.

These options include:

There are no such preferred methods to intake this supplement for Parkinson’s patients. Patients can choose the way according to their comfort.

CBD Dosage for Parkinson’s Disease

Dosing CBD accurately is not an easy task as there is no such preferred CBD dosage for Parkinson’s. To find accurate doses of CBD, you must follow stepwise dosing methods.

Stepwise dosing method means the method in which you have to start from a baseline dosage, then if needed, increase it over a while until you get your effective dose.

For CBD, this can be the perfect method to find an effective dosage.

According to our customers, our CBD product coming in 750 mg and 1000 mg can offer you an active lifestyle.

** Disclaimer: This information is not from any medical professional. Speck to a doctor before making use of this remedy. **

The legality of CBD for Parkinson’s Disease

When it comes to the legal status of this compound, it’s important that you should know the difference between marijuana-derived and hemp-derived CBD. This is because CBD comes from the derivatives of both hemp and marijuana.

CBD coming from the hemp plant is legal as it contains less than 0.3% THC, whereas marijuana-derived contains a high amount of THC.

While the hemp-derived are legal to use, it’s necessary for you to check your state laws before buying it. This is because every state has its state laws.

Conclusion About CBD Oil for Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s is a progressive health condition in which the body undergoes neurological changes. This is the reason why it’s also a neurological disorder. Due to these changes, sufferers find it difficult to function in their daily lives.

Early diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease can stop the symptoms from getting worse. Moreover, if you consider treating this, you can get many treatment options.

Now it’s your turn to pick the best one. We are not forcing you to move towards any prescribed medication or CBD. With this article, we strive to provide certain information which may help you now or in the future.

However, to buy pure quality CBD products, you can make Goto Leaf as your destination. Cannabidiol products available in Goto Leaf are lab-tested, Non-GMO, and THC-free.


**The statements given in this are not from any medical expert. These are strictly based on our researches. The product is not for diagnosing, curing, treating, or preventing any health ailments. Before ingesting it, consulting a doctor would be an excellent decision. **

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