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CBD Oil 1000mg – Pure Isolate

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Our 1000mg CBD Hemp Oil Herbal Drops is a formula that not only tastes good but also delivers a wide range of health benefits of hemp extract. These herbal drops are prepared under keen quality control methods. We use high standards ingredients to ensure that our customers are enjoying the best hemp extract oil, with no filters.

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  • Pure Hemp-Extracted
  • 100% natural and organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Contains less than 0.3% THC
  • Fast Bioavailability
  • Made from USA grown hemp
  • Does not contain gluten
  • Premium and top quality
  • COA with every batch (certified of Analysis)
  • Third-party lab-tested for purity measure
  • Certified as GMP (Good manufacturing products)
  • Does not contain harmful solvents, pesticides, herbicides
  • Fast shipping all across the U.S
  • No delivery charges
  • SKU: GTL-OIL1000-HPI-30
  • Brand: Goto Leaf
  • Product Category: CBD Hemp Oil
  • Product Intake Method: CBD Sublingual Drops
  • Product Container: 30ml Amber Dropper Bottle
  • CBD Type: 99% Pure Isolate CBD
  • Specialized for: Active Lifestyle
  • Label Color: Royal green
  • Label Design:Silver Foil Strock Line for Eagle
  • Can relieve pain and inflammation
  • Reduce anxiety and depressions
  • Can alleviate symptoms of arthritis
  • May reduce acne and skin-related problems
  • Could deal with neurological disorders
  • Could benefit the heart condition
  • Category: Dietary Supplement
  • Extraction: 99% Pure Isolate Pure Hemp CBD Oil (Also available: Full Spectrum CBD)
  • CBD Concentration: 1000mg CBD per Container
  • Size/Volume: 1oz/30ml
  • Serving Size: 0.6ml (approx. 24 Drops)
  • Servings per Container: 50
  • CBD Concentration per serving: 20mg of pure isolate cannabidiol
  • Ingredients: 99% Pure Isolate PCR Hemp Oil.
  • Also Available in: 250mg, 500mg, 750mg, and 1500mg.


Kathy Stephens

cbd-hemp-drx-review   4


This 1000mg CBD Hemp Oil is working like wonders for my parents and also for my dogs.


Joseph Lee

cbd-hemp-drx-review   4

Life saver

My mom has been suffering from Alzheimer disorder for around 2 years, and has undergone various treatments. But nothing has worked this amazingly.


Muriel Nieto

cbd-hemp-drx-review   3.5

Stocking up

I bought this for my brother as he was suffering from depression. This oil has helped him to promote sound sleep and fight with the oxidative stress. After using for weeks itself, he’s condition got improved.


Dana Oaks

cbd-hemp-drx-review   3.5

Life saver

Works amazingly for managing the symptoms of cancer. Thank you CBD Hemp DRX.


Kristian Abbott

cbd-hemp-drx-review   3


Works great!!


Gina Jessup

cbd-hemp-drx-review   5

Happy with the result

I felt comfortable by using this oil, and a great deal for the person who is suffering from severe anxiety and depression.


Gina Jessup

cbd-hemp-drx-review   5

Happy with the result

I felt comfortable by using this oil, and a great deal for the person who is suffering from severe anxiety and depression.


Rick Moultrie

cbd-hemp-drx-review   3.5

Amazed effect!!

Before buying the product I was hesitant. But after using this for a couple of days, the result was just amazing.


Roxann Palacios

cbd-hemp-drx-review   4

Handy product!

My vet suggested to give my dog this oil, as she was losing the appetite and was continuously decreasing the body weight. This has worked effectively, and now she is almost happy fluffy pup!!


Earl Acevedo

cbd-hemp-drx-review   4

Perfect product

The doctor has recommended the usage of CBD oil for my father-in-law because he has been suffering from blood cancer. I couldn’t believe that CBD can be such a blessing.


Beth Kellum

cbd-hemp-drx-review   3.5

Good for your mental problem!

I have been suffering from depression for around 2 years now, and finally now after started to use CBD oil. I have noticed a huge difference!!

Frequently Asked Questions

CBD oil is one of the various CBD products that may be useful for managing certain medicinal conditions. Currently, this product is becoming a trend in the medical field. It contains high CBD content as compared to THC.

No. Our pure isolate Hemp CBD Oil available in 1000mg doesn’t have psychotic properties. It’s because the product is a USA-grown industrial hemp-sourced CBD product.

According to studies, Hemp-sourced CBD products are not harmful to people, even in high doses. Thus, if you want, you can overdose on CBD oil. However, we suggest you not to intake CBD oil in high doses regularly.

Though our customers didn’t notice any harm in high doses, it may not be the same for all. Thus, always start with a very little quantity.

As per our customer reviews, this 1000mg pure isolate CBD oil has several medicinal benefits. With this oil, they got relief from their several medical conditions.

Some of those medical conditions are:


Ingesting 1000mg pure isolate CBD oil is very easy. To intake this, kindly follow the sublingual method. In this method, you have to place the CBD oil under your tongue. After this, hold the oil there for around 30 seconds and gulp it.

Unfortunately, we can’t suggest you a precise dosage for 1000mg pure isolate CBD oil. This is because, when it comes to CBD products, there is no dosage suitable for all. The main reason behind this is CBD functions with the ECS (endocannabinoid system) of the body. The endocannabinoid system is different for every person.

Therefore, to find out the precise dosage for your health condition, you have to try it out. However, whenever you’re going to start having CBD oil or any other CBD product, start with low dose. Starting with a low dosage can help you analyze the change in your disorder.

Note: If no change in your disorder, then slowly increase the quantity of consuming CBD until you get satisfaction.

It’s not compulsory to Buy CBD online; you can even buy from local outlets. However, online purchasing can provide you many benefits as compared to offline. For example, while purchasing online, you can read the product reviews, which is not possible in offline.

Moreover, in online shopping, you can avail offers by applying the coupon code. Apart from all these, in online shopping, you’ll get CBD oil at your preferred place.

CBD Hemp DRX is one of the many online portals selling CBD products. Though this is one of the many online portals, the products here have many specifications.

Some of those product specifications are:

  • GMP certified
  • Gluten-free
  • THC free
  • No GMO
  • Free from herbicides and pesticides
  • Quick delivery all over the U.S.
  • No shipping cost across the United States