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CBD Topical Cream 75mg – Intensive Relief

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Our top and premium quality topical creams can be helpful for providing relief from the aggravation or discomfort. Apart from providing relief from the aches and discomfort, we ensure that we use natural moisturizing ingredients in order to replenish and beautify the skin.

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Highlights of our product:

  • High Potency Industrial Hemp Extract
  • Legal in all the 50 States of the U.S
  • Non-GMO products
  • Zero THC content
  • Premium and best quality
  • Third-party lab-tested for purity check
  • Fast-acting effects
  • 100% USA Organically Grown Hemp
  • Fully Complaint Hemp Farms with USDA
  • GMP Certified
  • Quality Control from seed to bottle
  • Free from solvents, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and herbicides
  • Free & Fast shipment across the United States
  • SKU: GTL-HIRR7510-75
  • Brand: Goto Leaf
  • Product Category: CBD Relief Rub
  • Product Intake Method: CBD Topical
  • Product Container: 60ml Frosted PG Jar
  • CBD Type: Pure Hemp CBD Extract
  • Specialized for: General well-being
  • Label Color: Orange
  • Label Design: Silver Foil Strock Line for Eagle

CBD can be helpful for a variety of disorders; some of them are:

  • Reduces acne and skin-related issues
  • Suppress muscle spasms.
  • Reduce skin irritation
  • Can deal with the skin burns
  • Promotes relax & relief health.
  • Category: Topical
  • Extraction: Pure Hemp CBD Extract
  • Value: 75mg CBD per Container
  • Size/Volume: 2oz/60ml
  • Ingredients: Purified water, Emu Oil, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf extract, Squalane, Glycerin, Stearic acid, cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, ethylene glycol distearate, menthol, cetyl phosphate, PCR Hemp oil, aenica Montana flower extract, bowsellia serrate extract, allantoin, phenoxyethanol, caprylyl glycol, potassium sorbate, hexylene glycol, disodium EDTA, tocoheryl acetate (vitamin E).
  • Also Available in: 60mg, 150mg, and 500mg


Carlos Browner

cbd-hemp-drx-review   3.5

Pain relief

This is product keeps the knee pain free. Loved it!!


Ryan Poisson

cbd-hemp-drx-review   5

Beauty product

This product has helped me to deal with eczema. I purchased another bottle for my niece as she also wanted to get rid of the bursting out of acnes.


Theodore Ortega

cbd-hemp-drx-review   4

Perfect for all age group!!

I purchased a CBD topical for my 92 year old aunt, and it has helped her to heal her aches and pain.


Grace Cuccia

cbd-hemp-drx-review   3.5

Every day medication

This product works well. It has helped me to deal with the pain that I suffer every day.


Elizabeth Banks

cbd-hemp-drx-review   4.5

For acne free day

I have tried multiple creams for my acne but have never found such an amazing outcome.


Jeffrey Harris

cbd-hemp-drx-review   3

Pain free

Has worked amazingly for neck, back and joint pain.


Peter Clouse

cbd-hemp-drx-review   4

For immediate relief

I am a dancer and whenever I have an ache or sore muscles I rub CBD topical on damaged area. It works like a wonder for me


Joe Teixeira

cbd-hemp-drx-review   5

Good brand; good product

Thank you CBD Hemp DX for this wonderful product. It has helped me to heal my neuropathy in feet.


Mildred Purifoy

cbd-hemp-drx-review   3.5


This product has worked like a wonder!!


Lyle Gill

cbd-hemp-drx-review   5

Astonishing product!!

I am a 70 year veteran and have been suffering with joint pain for years. I am happy that now I found a miraculous medication.

Frequently Asked Questions

CBD Creams, balms, lotions, etc. that can be applied to your skin directly are topical products. These might be the better choice for people who are looking for an alternative for CBD oils, tinctures, etc.

This CBD Topical Cream 75mg may be a perfect choice for controlling the symptoms of some diseases. These diseases include:

And much more.

It works by interacting with the CB receptors found in the epidermis (outer skin layer). This means when you rub the topical cream in your skin; the cannabidiol interacts with the receptors in the outer skin layer.

You can use the CBD Topical cream 75mg without much effort. Take a small quantity of CBD cream and apply it in the skin portion where you have pain. After that, lightly massage the skin portion until the CBD content gets rubbed in the skin.

Note: Remove the clothes from the area where you’ve to apply the cream and properly wash the portion. After washing, make it dry.

No, this CBD Topical Cream doesn’t produce psychotic effects. It’s because Hemp CBD products consist of high CBD strains and not THC.

No, this CBD lotion will not show up on any drug test. It is because this CBD product is free from THC strains. This is a pure hemp-extracted CBD-infused product.

The factor that makes this CBD cream superior to the rest of the CBD products is its application method. The method of using CBD cream is very simple. You can directly apply it to your affected portion of the skin.

You can get several stunning offers when it comes to online purchasing. Moreover, you can save your precious time in online purchasing. This is because, in this mode, you can get the product without going to any shop.

At CBD Hemp DRX, only organic cannabidiol products are available. Moreover, we sell only top-quality products, which are third-party lab-tested.