CBD vs Cannabis

As the demand for CBD is rising; many people tend to look at CBD vs Cannabis. Considering this,we’re providing here the difference amid these two.

CBD (Cannabidiol)

Based on the detailed information given here, anyone can gain knowledge on the CBD vs Cannabis. CBD or cannabidiol is an active ingredient among the 85 compounds that are found in the cannabis plant.

  • There are two main types which are categorized based what compound is extracted- pure isolate and full-spectrum.
  • Pure isolate contains only CBD. All the plant matter the hemp plant contains, including the oils, chlorophyll and others are removed.
  • It has just CBD and none of the extra Terpenes and flavonoids of the hemp plants it was derived from. This offers a finished product that is only CBD and nothing more
  • Full-spectrum CBD contains all the Terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids from the plant.
  • Some of its benefits include taking it for reliving anxiety, pain and symptoms of inflammation.
  • The body experiences these benefits as the compound acts on a system in the body called the Endocannabinoid system.
  • When CBD acts on this system, it brings a state of stability which is what brings about these positive changes.
  • Common side effects upon taking this include nausea, dizziness and dry mouth.


    • Cannabis is a drug derived from the Cannabis plant.
    • It is used for medical or recreational purposes.
    • It is also known as marijuana among other names.
    • Cannabis oil is the oil that is extracted from cannabis plants
    • It has three main strains: cannabis sativa, cannabis indica and cannabis ruderalis.
    • Cannabis has psychoactive properties.
      • These properties cause a feeling of intoxication in the brain and in your body.
      • In the brain, it causes changes in brain function upon the use of this psychoactive substance, will affect moods, perceptions and consciousness.
      • It will have mind-altering effects on the one who consumes it.
      • On the body, it will impair your motor skills coordination.

CBD vs Cannabis – The side effects that occur are memory loss and delayed motor responses. The side effects from Cannabis are more adverse in comparison to those of CBD.

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