Hemp vs Indica

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Everything you need to know about Hemp

  • Hemp plants can be identified easily. One, they have thinner leaves. Two, the leaves are bunched on the top and the branches grow right below it.
  • Cannabis compounds come with health benefits. But hemp comes with health benefits and industrial use.
  • First, the health benefits – CBD or cannabidiol present in industrial hemp plants stands as a natural alternative to traditional treatments.
  • CBD helps mood disorders like depression and anxiety and with easing pain and inflammation. It explores the potential in treating forms of cancer too.
  • Now, the industrial uses – Did you know that things you use in your everyday life probably contain hemp?
  • This is because Hemp is versatile with its fibers. It is used in making everything from canvas, textiles, rope, and paper. Even for bio plastics and insulation.
  • In conclusion, Hemp prides itself on the varied uses of therapeutically and industrially.


  • For starters, Indica or Cannabis Indica is a strain of the cannabis variety.
  • Indica produces a slightly larger quantity of THC than Cannabis Sativa does.
  • As Indica is a type of Cannabis, it comes with psychoactive properties. However, the effect you would feel is “stoned” rather than “high.”
  • Indica is used for therapeutic and recreational use.
  • Therapeutic benefits of Indica include uses for pain relief, as a sedative and to stimulate appetite and for promoting better sleep.
  • It has a large amount of THC, so it is used as a recreational drug to get the “couch lock” or body buzz effect.
  • One of the common side effects of Indica is when it’s taken in daytime. This is common in new users.
  • Since it is a sedative, it would make you feel drowsy through the day and may hinder your routine. Therefore, it is better suited for taking at night.

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