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Sativa vs Indica

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Sativa, as well as indica are the two most searched terms nowadays. In fact, many people are looking forward to knowing the difference between these terms.

Considering this, we’re presenting this article – Sativa vs. Indica. This article can be the right place for you to understand what they both are and the difference between them.


Cannabis – Know What It Is?

Cannabis is a psychoactive drug coming from the cannabis plant. It is also popular with the term “marijuana” and is in use for recreational or medicinal purposes.

The cannabis plant has many cannabinoids, out of which, THC is the one that tends to be the main psychoactive part of cannabis. The full form of THC is tetrahydrocannabinol. Because of this psychoactive part, cannabis has many legal issues.

People use this drug by adding it in food, vaporizing, smoking, and even as an extract. This drug can produce the feeling of “stoned” or “high”.

In addition to this, this drug can produce short-term, as well as long-term effects.

Its short-term effects may consist of short-term memory loss, dry mouth, anxiety, red eyes, impaired motor skills, and paranoia.

Long-term effects may include reduced mental ability and addiction towards this drug. This happens in those people who are using this from their teenage. This drug can also cause behavioral issues in the infant if his/her mother used cannabis during the pregnancy time.

Have a Look into the Evolution of Cannabis

Thousands of years ago, the cannabis plants were parted into two growing regions. These two regions are Europe and South-east Asia.

As time passes on, this geographical partition causes differences in their growing conditions and appearance. These differences lead to the classification of two cannabis varieties, namely cannabis sativa in Europe and cannabis indica in South-east Asia.

However, later, human migration spread the seeds of both types all over the world.

As of now, almost every cannabis plant (hemp, as well as marijuana), which is accessible today is a hybrid. It means they are neither fully C. indica nor C. sativa.

Along with these strains, cannabis has one other strain as well, namely cannabis ruderalis. This is a low-THC species and is native to Russia and Central and Eastern Europe.

As our topic is sativa and indica, let’s talk over our first topic- sativa.

What Is Sativa?

This is one of the strains of cannabis, which can make you laugh and offer you an energetic head high.

The sativa plant is slim, as well as tall and has thin and long leaves. It requires a long time to grow. In addition to this, it also requires more light to grow.

What Is the Origin of Sativa?

This plant grows in countries, which are near to the equator. This is one of the first cannabis strains, which got a name. Moreover, it’s believed that it came into existence 30 years (minimum) before indica.

It’s discovered first in Mexico, Southeast Asia, and Central America.

Know the Completely Pure Strains of Sativa

  • Thai: This strain reached the U.S. in the 70s and 80s. It has potent effects and citrus odor. When it comes to the medicinal world, this is a better choice for managing stress, fatigue, and depression. Moreover, it will also provide you with a relaxed and happy feeling, and helps you stay focused.
  • Panama Red: This strain hails from Panama and is widely popular since the 1960s. It offers you with a euphoric and happy effect. This particular strain is often preferred by people to deal with depression, fatigue, and stress.
  • Hawaiian: This is a tropical strain with the fragrance of fruit. It provides a feeling of happy and calm. If you have depression or stress, then you can use this.

Is It Good To Use Sativa for Recreational Purposes?

The answer to this is – it can be useful for some recreational purposes.

You can use this:

  • To aid you to stay focused
  • Prior to watching a cinema
  • Before attending social events
  • During the daytime
  • Before doing work projects or homework

Know the Medical Uses of Sativa

This strain can help manage the symptoms of the following conditions:

  • Stress
  • Nausea
  • Moodiness
  • Fatigue
  • Physical pain


In addition to this, it can also help manage certain health disorders:

It includes:


An important thing that you must keep in mind is that sativa will not cure the disease; instead, it can help manage the symptoms.

Side Effects That Folks May Experience With Sativa

Though it can be useful when you require an energy boost, it can provide you a “high” sensation.

Along with these, some users might experience anxiety after consuming sativa strains. Now, let’s look into Indica.

What Is Indica?

This is also a cannabis strain, which provides you a feeling of high in the body.

The indica plants are bushy, as well as short, and the leaves are wide and small. This plant typically grows faster and provide a higher yield.

What Is The Origin Of Indica?

This plant usually grows in countries, which have color regions. It was first discovered in the Middle East.

This plant was grown first in the rocky mountains of Hindu Kush. As per the research, these plants came into existence after the sativa plants.

Is Indica Good For Recreational Purposes?

It can be a better choice for recreational purposes.

You can make use of this plant:

  • To get calming effects and or aid you sleep
  • Before a bath
  • At night
  • Prior to meditation
  • After the hectic day

Determine the Completely Pure Strains of Indica

  • Hindu Kush: The name of this strain came from the 500-mile-long mountain range between Pakistan and Afghanistan, where it comes from. It is very popular due to its subtle, earthy sandalwood, and sweet aroma. This strain will provide you a feeling of calm, and is a preferable option for people with nausea, pain, as well as stress disorders.
  • Ketama: The origin of this strain is Northern Morocco and is resistant to pests and plagues. This plant contains large buds and high THC content, which, in turn, can offer a relaxing effect.
  • Afghani: This strain has got its name from its geographical origin. It’s believed that the earliest variety of cannabis was grown in the region of Afghanistan.

This particular strain has a sweet, as well as earthy smell and gives you a calming sedative effect with a euphoric feeling. Most of the users of medical marijuana make use of this strain as a treatment option for insomnia, stress disorders, and pain.



Know the Medicinal Uses of Indica

This plant can help deal with the symptoms of the below health conditions:

Along with these, indica can also help people suffering from the following conditions:

Just like sativa, indica also doesn’t cure the diseases; it can only deal with the symptoms. According to the research, some cancer patients are using indica to reduce anxiety, relax their nerves, and help them to have better sleep.

Moreover, some people who are suffering from muscle illness are also using indica. This is because it’s believed that indica can provide calming effects to muscles.

The body high, which you experience from these strains can help you get relief from pain, muscle spasms, and twitches.

Side Effects That People Can Experience With Indica

Indica strains have higher sedating effects, which, as a result, can make you sense more stoned. After consuming this, you may experience a sedative feeling.

Though they provide a “high” feeling, they can be useful for pain management. In addition to this, it may also have depressive qualities. However, if you’re having depression or low mood, then before buying this, consult a medical expert.

Moreover, after you intake indica, you may have a strong desire to eat. Its buds are longer, narrower, and less tightly packed as compared to the sativa strains.

Next, let’s have a look into their dissimilarities.

What Are the Dissimilarities between Sativa and Indica?

The actual difference between these two strains is in their perceptible traits during their cultivation cycle.

The things, which we’re going to say here are already mentioned above while discussing both the plants separately.

However, still, to make you more clear how they differ from each other, we are mentioning those things once more.

Indica plants grow short with deep-green, broad leaves, and have thick stems, whereas sativa plants grow tall with narrow and light-green leaves.

In addition to this, indica plants have short flowering cycles, but sativa plants have longer flowering cycles.

As we’re highlighted the medicinal benefits of both the plants, some people may have the interest to know the science behind their medical usage. Bearing this in mind, we’re taking it as our next subtopic.

Find Out the Science behind Why Sativa and Indica Are Useful For Medical Purposes

Normally, people always have an interest in weed due to its healing, as well as medicinal properties.

When it comes to sativa and hybrid, it is scientifically proven that it can help people heal their certain health conditions.

Now you may ask how?

The answer to this is – it works by interacting with both cannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors.

A cannabinoid refers to be a chemical compound, which plays the role of receptors in the cells. When the cannabinoid receptors get transformed via the release of neurotransmitters, the brain starts the effects of Sativa and Indica.

When it comes to these receptors, you must be aware that there are two cannabinoid receptors – CB1 and CB2. CB1 is present in the brain, whereas CB2 is present in the immune-derived cells or immune system.

Cannabinoids such as CBD and THC reacts via activating cells in cannabinoids. Thus, they produce the effects of cannabis by binding the cannabinoid receptors in the brain.

Though we discussed all the essential things about both the strains, we’re showcasing a short overview of them in the form of comparison.

Short Comparison of Sativa and Indica

1. It has narrow leaves and is tall in height.1. It has broad leaves and is short in height.
2. It requires longer flowering cycles.2. It requires shorter flowering cycles.
3. It is suitable for warm climates with a longer season.3. It is apt for colder climates with shorter seasons.

Final Words About Sativa and Indica

In this article, we hope that you understand all the essential things about both the cannabis strains (Sativa and Indica) and how they differ from each other.

After reading this article, you may understand which strain is best for you according to your health condition. It’s up to you what you choose, but while consuming it, make sure that you’re consuming proper dosage.

Moreover, it would be good if you talk to a medical practitioner before having it.

However, after reading the full article, if you have any confusion on any of the subtopics we covered, then contact us at the earliest.


**The statements given in this are not from any medical expert. These are strictly based on our researches. The product is not for diagnosing, curing, treating, or preventing any health ailments. Before ingesting it, consulting a doctor would be an excellent decision. **

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