Sativa vs Indica

To know the real difference between sativa and indica, refer Sativa vs Indica comparison. It can provide you with complete information on both.

What is Sativa?

  • The two major types of cannabis plants are Sativa and Indica. Each strain comes with its own effects on the body and mind carries a wide range of medicinal benefits.
  • The difference is- the former strains are excellent energy boosters, while the latter strain generally provides a deep sense of relaxation in your body.
  • Let’s elaborate further on the properties of Sativa. As mentioned before, they are excellent energy boosters. But there is more to this beneficial strain.
  • How does it work? Well, it triggers the release of dopamine, causing a kick of euphoria which leaves you feeling energized.
  • A strain or hybrid that is Sativa-dominant is great for delivering a much needed hit of energy when you feel like your battery is down.
  • Cannabis sativa also contains cannabidiol or CBD, an antipsychotic which also comes with several uses as a therapeutic compound.
  • Side effects you may experience when you’ve taken an excess of Sativa strain are paranoia, anxiety and panic attacks.


  • A simple definition of Indica is that it is one of the two major types of cannabis plants, the other being Sativa.
  • Let’s start by asking- How does it cannabis Indica you? For one, it is because of its chemical composition.
  • Chemically, it has a heavy concentration of CBD so it has soothing and sedating qualities. They would neutralize the psychotropic effect of THC.
  • Since the THC content is mitigated; Indica strains have high levels of CBD, a non-psychoactive compound that has pain-relief and anti-anxiety effects.
  • Thanks to that, Indica strains induce relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety. This is also why they are commonly considered the best cannabis for sleep.
  • Side effects you’re prone to experience when you’ve had too much of Indica are hallucinations, paranoia, anxiety, panic attacks and breathing problems.

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