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Sativa vs Ruderalis

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Are you interested in gaining accurate info on sativa & ruderalis? Read Sativa vs Ruderalis comparison. This article can help you to enhance your information on these strains. Read till the end.

Cannabis ruderalis is the third subspecies of the cannabis plant, and Cannabis sativa belongs to the Cannabaceae family or the Hemp species.

Before directly hoping to the main topic, let us first know about cannabis.


Definition of Cannabis

Cannabis is one of the plants from the Hemp species. It has three subspecies that are Cannabis sativa, Cannabis Ruderalis, and Cannabis Indica.

The most active compound of this cannabis plant is THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol). This drug slow down the activity of the central nervous system. When someone consumes this drug in a large dose, it starts producing some hallucinating effects. Because of this, it has got into some legal issues.

Cannabis has a few very necessary components that may help in dealing with many ailments. You can find cannabis products that contain both CBD and THC in it. Both are for creating some kind of physical and mental relief.

However, when compared, both of them have just property differentiation between them. THC has the potential of producing psychoactive compounds, whereas CBD is not non-psychoactive in nature.

Now, let us move onto understanding its subspecies.

What is Ruderalis?

Cannabis Ruderalis refers to the third subspecies of the cannabis plant. It can grow anywhere by the roadside or on the agricultural field or any land that is empty and fallow.

In the beginning, there was debate if it belonged to sativa as a subspecies or not, but as per the experts, ruderalis has its own strain.

The reason why this species of plant is so important is because of a special trait it possesses called auto-flowering. Auto-flowering means that a cannabis plant will flower regardless of the light cycle, unlike the strains that are dependent on light cycles.

Indica and sativa both require a specific period of photosynthesis. By crossbreeding the auto-flowering into these strains, it became a game-changer in cultivation. If some cannabis seeds are auto-flowering, it is because of the presence of ‘Cannabis ruderalis’ in their genetic makeup.

Know the Genetic Origin of Ruderalis

There was a Russian botanist Dmitri Janischewsky. He was the first person to identify that the cannabis ruderalis were the third subspecies in 1930. This was not because of the unique physical structure, but due to the unique traits in the flowering process of the plant.

He noticed that the cannabis plant begin to flower due to some slight change in the sunlight, whereas this ruderalis plant has the feature of this automatic flowering after the few days of sprouting.

A study that happened in 2004 by K.W. Hillig identifies that this ruderalis is originating from central Asia, having similarities in the morphology of the sativa plant of the same area.

As per him, ruderalis is an auto-flowering subtype of sativa or completely different subspecies that has similar ratio of THC and CBD as sativa plant has.

More about Ruderalis

Ruderalis is a third type in the cannabis family. It is widely preferred as it does not produce any potent effects.

Let us move to know about this species in-depth.

  • Origin: Ruderalis is extremely adaptable to the environment that it can grow anywhere. It requires a cold and low-sunlight area.
  • Description: It is generally small, bushy plants that normally do not grow more than 12 inches. It turns into the matured plant in a little span of days in hardly 35 days.
  • The Ratio of THC and CBD: It grows more amount of CBD and less amount of THC content in it. That is the reason why it doesn’t produce any high effects.
  • Common uses: It is helpful for medicinal purposes because of the low potency.
  • Daytime or nighttime uses: The plants produce a less effect that is why you can use it anytime.

The Smallest Type of Cannabis

Typically, ruderalis is slightly shorter in height, somewhere between 30cm to 80 cm. This plant has only a few branches and has wide flat leaves. It looks very similar to the Cannabis Indica.

As the flowering seasons begin, the height of the ruderalis is less than the Indica plant. Therefore, the other name of this plant is dwarf cannabis or bonsai cannabis.

Know about the Properties and Applications of This Plants

As already discussed above, the cannabis ruderalis has a low content of THC and high content of CBD.

Pure ruderalis is not something that available widely in the dispensary. These strains are of more interest to cultivators.

No psychoactive effect: As this species has relatively low THC, there is no chance of causing any severe high feeling or high sensation. Because of this fact, people don’t prefer growing it a pure species, as it can’t be helpful for recreational purposes.

Calming and relaxing: It contains high CBD, because of which it can be helpful in medicinal purposes. People who want to get relief from a health problem, without getting high can choose this species of cannabis. It may help in dealing with anxiety or insomnia.

Can I Find Ruderalis at a dispensary?

People mostly don’t get these strains from a dispensary. Cultivators of this species are the people who have an interest in the auto-flowering cannabis species.

As this plant has high CBD and low THC it minimizes the usage for recreational and commercial purposes. Though a few people who have an interest in experiencing the effect of CBD will consume this for medical purpose.

The growers of this plant use this for increasing the production of hybrid seeds that are capable of auto-flower. Because of this special feature, the other name is “Auto” or ‘automatic.”

How are Ruderalis helpful?

Although ruderalis is a small plant that is not widely available at the dispensaries, most consumers forget about the impact that this causes on the overall genetic selection.

The cultivators of this species are able to alter the genetics of other strains with the help of auto-flowering characteristics.



Know the Possible Side Effects

Like any other cannabis species, even this plant has its own benefits and side effects. The chances of causing side effects are slightly low or rare.

Some of the common side effects are:

  • Dry Mouth
  • Dry Eyes
  • Anxiety
  • Lethargy
  • Bad appetite
  • Drowsiness

The consuming methods can also be one of the factors to increase your risk factor.

For example, smoking and vaping can sometimes cause irritation in your lungs. This may lead to other respiratory problems. Whereas, if you choose to consume orally like CBD Oil, CBD Gummies, or in the form of any other CBD Edibles, then the chances of causing a respiratory problem is less.

However, the effect won’t be so strong that it disturbs your whole well-being. After knowing so much about ruderalis weed, let us move on our next topic that is Sativa.

What is Sativa?

Cannabis sativa belongs to the Cannabaceae family or the Hemp species. A distinct feature of these strains is their fragrant properties. Aromas range from smelling floral and fruity to earthy and diesel-like.

You can take sativa during the day, much like a cup of morning coffee. It can be helpful in energizing, invigorating, and uplifting your mood. It’s a good choice to use during the day for those who desire to be more social, feel creative, and active.

It also comes with mood-uplifting benefits if you suffer from mood disorders like depression and ADD/ADHD. Side effects are psychotropic; it mainly affects the nerve centers. The energetic euphoria sometimes comes with hallucinations.

Depending on where you live, Sativa can be hard to obtain or isn’t legal to buy. In contrast, laws surrounding cannabidiol CBD have grown more relaxed since the Farm Bill passed.

Know Sativa in-depth

Cannabis sativa is a plant that has properties that is exactly opposite to the cannabis indica. Sativa plants are large thin plants with narrow leaves. It is a light shade plant.

It takes a little more time to grow and get matured.

  • Origin: The cannabis sativa is available mostly in the hot, dry, and sunny climate. It can easily grow in places like Africa, Central America, and Southeast Asia.
  • Description of the plant: It is a plant that is taller than 12 feet and takes a longer time to mature when compared with the other types of cannabis.
  • The Ratio of THC and CBD: This plant is high in CBD content and low in THC content.
  • General Uses of this plant: Sativa is capable of reducing anxiety and boosting up the energy. It may help you to feel productive and creative.
  • Daytime and nighttime: Due to its stimulating effect, you can choose this to use in the daytime.

Know the Major Qualities of This Plants

As these contain the cannabinoids of the cannabis plant, it is obvious to contain some of the therapeutic benefits in them.

Some of the common qualities of this plant are:

  • Anti-Anxiety
  • Anti-Depressant
  • chronic pain
  • Increases concentration
  • For day time
  • Boosts up the energy
  • Regulate the mood and sleep.



What are the Effects of Consuming Sativa?

Sativa strain acts exactly opposite to the Indica. Indica has already created its reputation as one of the sedatives that makes your body high, whereas sativa is for causing some cerebral effects on the body.

This effect on the body is for uplifting and help you to tackle the physical problem. The effects of sativa are for treating pain, depression, anxiety, and much more. This sativa effect is because of the high content of CBD and less THC content in it.

The other reason is terpenes, as it could possibly help in regulating depression and other inflammation problems.

Know the Difference between Sativa and Indica

There are many people who may have confusion regarding the subspecies of the cannabis plant. By looking at the plant, they may get confused about whether the plant is indica or sativa.

Here is the difference between the two most popular subspecies of the cannabis plant.

The actual difference between indica and sativa plant is the cultivation process and its properties. Indica plants grow short with strong stems, and dark green leaves. They have a short flowering cycle that grows in the short-season weather. . Indica strains have effects similar to marijuana effects

The sativa plants have a long flowering period, better in warm climates with tall, thin, light-green leaves.

For the past few decades, the crossbreeding is right in the ground. There is nothing like pure indica or pure sativa.

There is also a difference between properties, as indica has a high content of THC whereas sativa has a high content of CBD in it.

Differentiation between Sativa and Ruderalis

1. Sativa or Cannabis sativa comprise of both marijuana and hemp.1. Ruderalis is a hemp plant from the Cannabaceae plant.
2. It contains a low level of THC.2. It contains a high level of CBD in it.
3. Helpful for medicinal and for recreational purposes.3. Not grown for recreational purposes, grown to make hybrid strains.
4. It has narrow leaves.4. It has a small leaf with fewer fingers.

Conclusion About Sativa and Ruderalis

Sativa vs. Ruderalis – The practice really caught on. You can be sure that at some point a ruderalis strain is for crossbreeding most auto-flowering strains out there.

The content of this article is only providing information. We have tried our best to provide precise information on both the topic.

In addition to all this, if you need any kind of guidance, then feel comfortable to share with us.

We are here at your service 24*7.


**The statements given in this are not from any medical expert. These are strictly based on our researches. The product is not for diagnosing, curing, treating, or preventing any health ailments. Before ingesting it, consulting a doctor would be an excellent decision. **

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