Dosage of CBD Oil

best dosage of cbd oil

The dosage of CBD oil Intake According to the Ailments

The dosage of CBD oil is considered medically significant. It reacts with our endocannabinoid system and helps it to bring harmony among organs. This property of bringing harmony between organs is the reason behind the humongous medicinal properties of CBD.

Consumption of CBD is extracted from hemp plants, classification of cannabis. It is organically extracted and comes with very minimal side effects. Although CBD hemp is coming from a cannabis variety, it doesn’t attach itself with any mind-altering properties.

Dosage of CBD oil can be effective in curing many ailments. Ailments like cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, sleep disorders. Anxiety disorders etc. An overall balance both physically and psychologically will happen with the daily dosage of recommended CBD intake.

Note: The amount of dosage from minimum to maximum is given. Start from the minimum dosage and raise the dosage when you feel necessary. Consumption of CBD is considered safe but it is better not to go beyond the maximum dosage given. The best time span to increase the dosage is in 7 days of same dose intake.

Epilepsy or frequent seizures

The number of people having epilepsy is getting higher day by day. Studies show that 1 in 26 people will develop epilepsy at some point in time. This ailment doesn’t have a permanent cure but the right amount of CBD dosage can bring down epilepsy significantly. The recommended dosage of CBD for people suffering from epilepsy or frequent seizures is a 200-300mg oral intake of CBD.

Chronic Pain of any Kind

Back pain, muscle pain, and much other pain-related disease became a part of our lives. The painkillers come with killer side effects and can damage many organs in the human system. 2.5 – 50mg intake of CBD hemp on a daily basis can significantly lower the pain and can relax your body significantly.

Sleep disorders due to stress and anxiety

Amount of people committing suicide in the name of stress is increasing at an alarming paceSleeping pills will make our physiology addictive to it and it will take you to the extent that you cannot get sleep without the pills. CBD can be an organic solution for that. With minimal side effects, CBD Hemp DRX can relax you and regulate the sleep cycles. A recommended dosage of 40-160mg of oral CBD can


Recent studies show that CBD dosage can slow down the pace of glaucoma significantly. A dosage between 20-40mg of CBD can help the ailment slow down its pace. This is the recommended dosage and it should not exceed 40mg.

Chronic Inflammation

Inflammation is a painful disease one has to suffer. No real cure has yet been found regarding this ailment. CBD or cannabis plant, as a matter of fact, has been known for the relieving pain. Painkilling properties have always been a part of the cannabis culture. The right dosage of CBD can make a lot of difference in the experience of pain. Dosage of CBD oil between 10 – 50mg on a daily basis can bring a significant difference in pain.