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Dosage of CBD Oil

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Are you having an interest in trying the CBD, but confused about the optimal dosage? Then, this article can help you.

CBD is becoming a popular term in the health industry. However, in some cases, people are hearing about this medication for the first time.

Considering this, we’re presenting a complete guide about what is CBD, the right dosage of CBD oil, legality issue in relation to this medication, and much more.

Let’s begin from the basic.


What is the Term Cannabidiol Means?

CBD refers to the cannabidiol, which is one of the several compounds that are present in the cannabis plants. It is a non-psychoactive compound that has the potential of interacting with the endocannabinoid system and may help in treating a bunch of disorders.

History of CBD

In 2015 June, as per the story that is shown in National Geographic, the Siberian burial mounds back as in 3000 B.C, where they were seen to have charred seeds of marijuana (a strain of cannabis) for treatment.

After which the Chinese also began medication using marijuana for several years. Even in America, President George Washington started cultivating hemp at the plantation estate, as well as the burial location of Mount Vernon.

The cannabidiol coming from hemp was one of the majorly preferred medication.

Are you thinking why?

Read and know.

What are the Medical Benefits of Consuming CBD Products?

Cannabidiol is becoming a popular option in the wellness industry. You must be thinking what is so special about cannabidiol due to which, it has become a buzzing word.


Go through the complete article and explore it.

Here is a whole bunch of health disorders for which the consumption of CBD products in correct amount can be beneficial.

1. Alleviate the Arthritis pain

According to a study, which came in the European Journal of Pain, CBD could help in managing the pain that occurs due to arthritis pain. The researchers came to a conclusion by testing the cannabidiol product on a few rats suffering from this disorder. After applying the product for 4 days consequently, and there was a drop in the pain level of those rats.

2. Relief from the Chronic Inflammation:

Inflammation is a painful disease that one suffers from. There is still no real cure available for this ailment. A study got published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, as per which CBD can be potent for the relieving back pain. Painkilling properties have always been a part of the cannabis culture. However, the right dosage of cannabidiol can make a lot of difference in pain.

3. Sleep Disorder due to Stress and Anxiety:

The amount of people committing suicide due to stress is increasing at an alarming pace. Sleeping pills will make us physiologically addictive to it, and it will take you to the extent in which you cannot get sleep without the pills. Cannabidiol can be an organic solution for that, as it directly shows the impact on the receptors that are available in the brain portion. This. as a result, can help manage the sleep problems.

4. Multiple Sclerosis:

This is one of the auto-immune disorders, which shows its effects on the complete body (especially in the brain portion and nerve of the nervous system). Muscle spasm is one of the common symptoms of Multiple sclerosis. A study reveals that the usage of CBD oil on a regular basis may give you relief from the muscle spasticity that the patients are suffering from.

Apart from this, there are some other medical benefits that you may get from this particular medication.

Researchers also claim that cannabidiol tends to possess various therapeutic properties such as anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer properties, neuroprotective.

How to Dose CBD?

There is a whole bunch of options available to consume the products. This may be a boom, but at the same time, it may be confusing for some consumers.

Considering this, let us know about a few of the methods one by one:

  • CBD Tincture dosage: In this method, you just need to place a few drops below your tongue. The sublingual gland, which in the under the tongue, will start absorbing the content and then directly enters your bloodstream.
  • CBD Topical: Topical is something that you can apply to the outer area of the skin. Some of the products that come under topical are CBD lotion, CBD cream, and CBD salve. It is a common option that will help you to offer relief from body pain and muscle soreness.
  • CBD Vape: If you don’t like consuming any of the medication orally, then the next option that will give you instant relief is Smoking or Vaping. In this, the extraction directly enters your lungs and shows an instant relief.
  • CBD Capsules and Pills: This is the most conventional method to consume any medicine. The capsules are full of Pure CBD oil. Once you consume it, it will enter the digestive system, and your intestinal surface will absorb the extraction.
  • CBD Edibles: This method is one of the simplest and tastiest ways to experience the richness of CBD. In this method, you just need to consume it like any chocolate or like CBD gummy.

Prior to choosing any of the products, kindly talk to your doctor and know his or her opinion on this medication.

Steps To Find the Proper Dosage of CBD Oil

As of now, you would have got an idea about how cannabidiol is helpful in treating a variety of disorders. Finding the optimal dosage is one of the most difficult tasks because each individual has different levels of conditions. Without further waiting, let us directly get into things, which you should know to find out the Best CBD dosage for you.

  • Choose your product: There are a wide-range of cannabidiol products available in the market. The best thing about the usage of these products is that the customer is free to choose their consuming method based on their convenience.
  • Small amount: As it is a new medication, it is better, to begin with a small amount. Even if your condition is severe, it is always recommended to begin with a small dosage. However, if you do not notice any difference, then slightly increase your dosage till you get you get the desired effect.
  • Hit and Trial: Finding the dosage might take a week at least. It is worth to begin with this hit and trial method.
  • Monitor the difference: As you begin your dosage, just start tracking the progress. It’s necessary for you to carefully note even the small changes that you feel in your health.
  • Not a magical medication: Cannabidiol is just like any other medication. It is not a miraculous medication that will instantly give relief from the disorders nor can cure the disorder. It can aid in lessening the symptoms of certain disorders.



How Much CBD Should I Need To Take?

This is the most frequent question that people asks when it comes to consuming any cannabidiol products for the first time.

Some of the general questions that patients ask are: how much mg for CBD for pain, the right dosage of CBD oil for anxiety, the right dosage of CBD oil for cancer, a dosage of CBD oil for seizures, and much more.

So, here’s the answer for them.

As of now, there is no “Correct” method to figure out how much cannabidiol you need to consume for any particular disorder. Each product has a different concentration level of content in it. Each disorder level needs special attention and a different amount of dosage.

Every seller of cannabidiol products has its own approximate dosage for each disease. However, it is better to check with your doctor before consuming any of the cannabidiol products.

Thus, to decide the optimal dose, there are certain factors that you need to be aware of. Some of those factors are:

  • Body Weight
  • Sex
  • Lifestyle
  • Existing Disease
  • Liver Condition

As per our customers, using our 20mg-500mg for general well-being, 750mg-1000mg for active lifestyle, 1500mg-2500mg for mental health, and lastly 3500mg-500mg for physical health can turn out to be a good decision for you.

Note: The dosage amount present in the article does not provide any medical advice and guidance. It is only based on the review we have got from our customers.

What are the Some Common Side Effects that you May Experience?

Cannabidiol medication is not a miraculous medicine. The possibility of side effects also depends on the amount you consume. However, the side effects that it shows will be mild and won’t last for the long term.

Some of the common adverse effects that any individual can experience from this are:

  • Nausea
  • Dry mouth
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea

Apart, from the dosage factor, drug interactions can also be one of the main reasons to experience the side effects of cannabidiol. Thus, it’s good to consult the doctor before using it. Not only this much, but it is also essential to do your own research.

What are the Risk factors You Need to Be Aware of?

To avoid some consequences that you may with this cannabinod, it is important to be aware of certain risk factors associated with this.

  • Misinformation about Legality: The legal status is changing every now and then. Each state has its own law for the legality of any cannabidiol products. As per the farm bill 2018, only hemp-extracted products are legal in all the 50 states of the United States.
  • Confusion regarding Consumption: The consumers get confused as there are wide-range products available to get the benefit of cannabidiol. Moreover, there is no standard way available; that’s why people may use it in an inappropriate manner.
  • Lack of anecdotal evidence: As per scientists, there may be disorders that can get cured with this medication, but this is not applicable for all the disorders out there.

We believe that by now, you would have got clear information about what are the things that you need to be conscious about before buying any CBD or Hemp-derived products.

Will CBD Usage Result in a Positive Drug Test?

No, it is unlikely to show a positive in a drug test. But, there are several reasons a person fails in a cannabidiol drug test.

Let us know about each of them one by one.

  • Using Product with THC: The most common reason is that the product may contain a high content of THC. This is may be because it is a low-quality product. Most manufacturers may claim that their product doesn’t contain THC, but this is not always true.
  • Cross Contamination of THC: Even a slightly higher amount of THC, in any of the CBD-extracted plant, will result positive in a drug test.
  • Mislabeling of products: The cannabidiol products extracted from the hemp plant will not contain 0.3% THC in it. However, sellers might sometime mislabel their products.
  • Indirect exposure to THC: The exposure to marijuana (indirectly) is enough to get a positive drug test result. For example: Being with a room full of smokers for some times, may cause the inhalation of THC.

Final Words on the Dosage of CBD oil

There are several studies available, which state that cannabidiol oil may be helpful in treating several diseases, including anxiety, depression, autism, acne, and heart problem. Moreover, the research on this product is ongoing, to know about a few more therapeutic benefits.

To acquire the best out of this product, you need to spend some time in finding out the right dosage for yourself. If you need any extra information on this topic, then you are free to contact us anytime.


**The statements given in this are not from any medical expert. These are strictly based on our researches. The product is not for diagnosing, curing, treating, or preventing any health ailments. Before ingesting it, consulting a doctor would be an excellent decision. **

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