What is CBD Chews?

CBD Chews Edibles are just like chewy candies or jujubes. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors. Chews came into the canna-industry as CBD-infused chews. This puts them in the category of ‘edibles’.

They are sweet candies infused with the powerful benefits of natural CBD. They satiate your sweet tooth and also give the benefits of CBD. With pure CBD infused into every chew, extra strong effects of relaxation and peace are guaranteed.

1. Types of CBD chews

There are two types of chews. This depends on who is taking them as a supplement.
There are CBD Chews for human consumption and there are CBD chews for pet animals.

  • CBD chews
  1. These are sweet edibles that come in many flavors and various shapes.
  2. Ideal for those new to CBD
  3. Effective everyday dietary supplement with your meals
  4. There are specially formulated CBD chews to aid with sleep and anxiety relief.
  • CBD pet chews
  1. They are a great way to introduce CBD into your pet’s diet.
  2. They come in meaty flavors that appeal to pets like chicken and bacon.
  3. They can be given as treats or placed in their food.
  4. Consult a vet before giving your pet edible chews of any kind.

2. Benefits of CBD chews

  • CBD chews can help in reducing stress and anxiety
  1. With prescription medications, “Going on medication” sounds intimidating to many.
  2. CBD chews are less intimidating and more effective for stress and anxiety
  3. Medications may come with side effects and won’t always give the desired results.
  4. However, CBD chews are natural, fast-acting and come with very little side effects.
  • CBD chews help with sleep
  1. Sleep cycles get disoriented because of prolonged exposure to artificial light from screens.
  2. Other causes are chronic sleeping disorders like insomnia.
  3. CBD Chews Edibles combine CBD with melatonin-stimulating compounds that help you in getting restful sleep and reduce the time taken to fall asleep.
  4. These chews help with sleep issues and restore better sleeping patterns.
  • CBD chews are a pain-relief boon:
  1. CBD has powerful pain-killing properties. It eases acute and chronic pains instantly.
  2. CBD chews are a great edibles option for pain relief.

3. How to use CBD chews?

  • Pop the CBD chews in your mouth, chew well and swallow.
  • CBD chews may take up to 30 minutes to take effect as they must be digested.
  • Once digested, the effects typically last for 4 or 5 hours.
  • Decide on the dosage according to the label or by prescription from a doctor.

4. Why choose CBD chews?

  •  CBD Chews come with a fixed amount of CBD in each chew.
  • CBD isolate Capsules are ideal if you are traveling as they are very easy to carry around and won’t break and leak.
  • CBD Chews Edibles can be taken at work or in public as they are very inconspicuous, then CBD oils.
  • CBD chews are edibles so they take a longer time to take effect when compared to CBD oils.