What is CBD Concentrates?

When you remove CBD from a high-CBD, low-THC hemp plant, you get CBD concentrates. The extraction method determines the type of concentrate. A few types are oil, wax, shatter, isolate or isolate crystals and hash. 503/500

1. Types of CBD Concentrates

  • Oil
  1. The simplest form of concentrate comes as oil.
  2. It is produced by CO2 extraction.
  3. The pressure and temperature in extraction determine the texture, consistency, and compounds which will result in the concentrate.
  • Wax and shatter
  1. They are both types of dabs- solid sticky pieces of cannabidiol resin.
  2. Wax is un-malleable and firm in texture.
  3. Shatter, true to its name, will shatter easily under pressure.
  • CBD isolate
  1. They look like white crystals or powder.
  2. The purest and most concentrated form of just cannabidiol.
  • Hash
  1. It is just like a regular hash but it contains cannabidiol resin.
  2. The resin has various cannabinoids, Terpenes, and flavonoids from cannabis plants.
  3. Upon extraction, it is pressed into solid bricks called hash.

2. Benefits of CBD Concentrates

  •  Concentrates such as oils, waxes, shatters and isolates have shown clinical effectiveness in treating chronic pain, inflammation, seizures and symptoms associated with cancer.
  • They aid in treating patients with chronic pain diseases like arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and sciatica.
  • Inflammation is a symptom of many diseases. Several studies have highlighted the effective anti-inflammatory properties of cannabidiol.
  • CBD Concentrates slows down the growth of cancer cells and prevents cancer from spreading in the body.
  • In bone diseases like osteoporosis, it strengthens bones and heals broken bones faster.
  • With neuroprotective qualities, it promotes the growth of new neurons and reduces further damage to the brain and nervous system.

3. How to use CBD Concentrates?

  • You can take the sublingually or orally. Sublingually, use a dropper to drop the oil under your tongue, hold it there for a minute and then swallow.
  • Orally, you mix the oil drops into your food and drinks and consume.
  • Dabs like wax and shatter are taken by Dabbing.
  • Dabbing is when you heat dabs and the vapor is inhaled with a dabbing pen.
  • You can mix Isolate crystals into food, dab them, smoke them or vape them.
  • Hash is smoked in a pipe or joint, vaporized, crumbled and or cooked and eaten.
    However, before eating you should decarboxylate it by heating in an oven.

4. Why choose CBD Concentrates?

  • CBD Concentrates are ideal and versatile for those who want to customize their dosing and intake methods.
  • You can take the oil sublingually by dropping it under your tongue, or orally by mixing it with the food and drinks of your choice.
  • When you deliver concentrated cannabinoids in liquid form such as oil, the effects occur more quickly than they do with edibles.
  • Their effects last longer in the body. The only drawback is with concentrate types that are “isolate” and not full-spectrum.
  • They would lack the other potentially beneficial natural compounds.