What is CBD Cream?

CBD cream are just like your everyday creams in terms of appearance and texture. However, they come infused with CBD in them. And just like ordinary creams, they can be either cream for cosmetic use or creams for pain-relief use. There are also CBD creams which are specially formulated to help with cancer treatment by relieving radiation burns that come with it.

1. Types of CBD creams

  • CBD creams for Pain relief use:
    This type of CBD is for those who are suffering are from joint and muscle pains as a result of simple causes like over-exercising or more complex reasons like arthritis and pain disorders.
  • CBD creams for cosmetic use:
    This type of CBD is extremely beneficial for those who are suffering from skin conditions such as breakouts of acne, eczema or psoriasis.
  • CBD creams for cancer:
    This type of CBD specially made for used on radiation burns that come with radiation therapy for cancer.

2. Benefits of CBD cream

  • CBD cream is good for people suffering from inflammation.
  1. When you apply CBD it penetrates your skin quickly and works directly on the affected area.
  2. If the affected area is joints and muscle tissue, CBD creams for pain-relief can help reduce inflammation and ease feelings of intense pain in the problem area.
  3. If the facial area is affected either by acne or other skin problems, CBD can help regulate the oil glands on the face and keep breakouts of acne under control.
  • CBD cream is an effective relaxation aid
  1.  CBD is well known for its quality of relaxation.
  2. CBD can help relax joint and muscle tissues that are sore either from exercise or severe forms of joint inflammation like arthritis. As is applied on the affected limb, it induces a sense of relaxation in the affected area immediately.
  • CBD cream can aid in fighting cancer.
  1.  CBD cream are usually used as an aid for cancer as they can provide total relief from the inflammation, redness and dermal burns that are caused by Radiation therapy.
  2. When applies on the skin immediately after radiation treatment, it instantly soothes and heals your skin.

3. How to use CBD cream

  • If the CBD cream you are using is a relief rub for muscle and joint pains, take the amount of cream as needed and apply it on the affected area. As you rub the cream in, it will penetrate the skin quickly and relieve pain in the affected areas.
  • If the CBD cream you are using is a facial or a cosmetic cream, you can take a pea-sized amount and work it into your skin. Apply it in dots all over your face and neck and gently massage the CBD cream in. You will notice an instant lift in the brightness and texture of your skin. With regular use, you will have supple, healthy skin.
  • If the CBD cream you are using is radiation cream to counter the effects of itching and redness caused by radiation therapy, take the needed amount and apply. When applied on your skin soon after radiation treatment, you’ll see that it immediately soothes and heals your skin.
  •  You may reapply when needed.