What is CBD Spray?

A CBD Spray comes in the form of a small, portable spray bottle. It looks a lot like a small bottle of mouth freshener spray. CBD spray is when the extract of CBD is put it a small, easy-to-carry spray bottle. CBD spray is one of the most common and easy delivery methods. All you need to do it point it in your mouth and spray it.

2. Types of CBD spray

There are two types of CBD oral spray:

  • CBD Oral spray
  1. CBD oral spray is sprayed into your mouth.
  2. With each spray, it delivers a concentrated dose of CBD into your mouth. – This allows it to be absorbed quickly and effectively
  • CBD Sublingual spray
  1. CBD sublingual spray is sprayed under your tongue.
  2. When sprayed, it delivers a concentrated dose of CBD which is absorbed directly by the body through the capillaries under the tongue.

3. Benefits of CBD spray

  • CBD spray reduces stress and anxiety
  1. Medications for stress and anxiety come with numerous side effects.
  2. One may even become dangerously dependent on them.
  3. Studies have shown time and time again that CBD can help with problems related to anxiety.
  4. As CBD helps with relaxation, it is no surprise it comes with great stress-relieving and anxiety-reducing properties.
  5. Medications come with several side-effects and may not always give the desired results. CBD on the other hand, is natural, organic, acts faster and comes with minimal side effects.
  • CBD spray helps with sleep
  1. Sleep cycles are usually thrown off due to causes ranging from prolonged exposure to artificial light from computers screens and phone screens to chronic sleeping disorders.
  2. CBD can help to reduce the time for you to fall asleep.
  3. CBD sprays created by combining CBD with melatonin-stimulating compounds can help you in getting restful sleep.
  4. CBD sprays for sleep will help you with issues of sleeplessness and will restore better sleeping patterns.
  • CBD spray helps with weight loss
  1. CBD does not activate the receptors in the Endocannabinoid system directly.
  2. Instead, it influences the body’s naturally occurring cannabinoids to either block or activates the receptors. This interaction is how CBD plays a critical role in the metabolic functions of the body as it aids with weight loss.
  3. Not only will taking a CBD spray to reduce cravings for snacks, but it can also be a useful supplement to your diet or workout regimen.

4. How to use CBD spray

  • Using CBD oral spray
  1. Hold the sublingual spray bottle straight.
  2. Point the nozzle into your mouth directly.
  3. Squeeze the bottom and spray straight into your mouth and swallow.
  4. You may use a CBD spray 2-3 times under your tongue, 3-4 times a day, or as needed.
  • Using CBD sublingual spray
  1. Hold the sublingual spray bottle straight.
  2. Point the nozzle into your mouth.
  3. Squeeze the nozzle and spray the medication under your tongue.
  4. Hold it under your tongue for 30 to 60 seconds.